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Daily Spiritual Practice – Part 2 – Transferring Unwanted Energy Into a Rock

A while back I was studying/receiving the Munayi Ki Intiation Rites with a Shaman teacher by the name Orit Bornstein. Orit was giving a lecture here in San Fernando Valley and after the lecture I was hanging out with her and also with another healer.

As the other healer expressed that she was trying to get rid of an energy that she feels is holding her back in her life, one of Orit's suggestions was to transfer that energy into a rock and let the rock hold that energy for her. I am very drawn to Shamanism and so was excited about this new, simple and easy-to-implement tool so I decided to incorporate it in my daily practice and as I always do, give it my own variation.

In this video, I'm sharing how to do this short and powerful ritual. I hope I can pass this along to you and contribute to your own physical, emotional, energy, and spiritual healing journey.

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Daily Spiritual Practice – Part 1 – Sageing

Having a daily spiritual ritual is as important as taking a shower or brushing our teeth. It is especially important when we are super-busy, stressed or overwhelmed. And I'm not talking only about meditation or prayer. Those are definitely wonderful, yet there are many different kinds of rituals that you can incorporate into your daily spiritual practice.

In the next coming blogs, I will share with you some of the rituals that I do daily (and there are more than what I'm sharing). I picked the most simple and easy-to-implement so you can get started right away.

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What I Use Instead Of Sugar That Is Healthy and Sweet

I moved to the US from Israel in 2004. Shortly after, I started to notice that the clothes I came with no longer fit me.

I was always skinny and this was a shock to me!! My clothes were always big and I needed a seamstress to adjust any store bought clothes. Soon after that happened, I started my hypnotherapy training and learned more about sugar.

The sugar epidemic. It was EVERYWHERE and in almost every food and beverage I had put into my body. Not only that, I discovered that it was even in cigarettes. Did you know that? I hope you are not a smoker, but for those that are smoking – they have a couple of challenges to face: the addiction to nicotine, the addiction to the (hidden) sugar, the behavioral aspect of smoking, and the psychological ones. But that's another topic…  

With Green Dress-White RightThis is me in 2006. I'm not that skinny any more. 🙂 I don't even have this dress as I needed to pass it on to someone else…

Even though I prefer salty snacks than sweet ones, I did desire sweets from time to time and after what I've learned I knew that I needed to reduce my sugar intake. The truth is that there was another reason why I needed to get sugar out of my life. Stay tuned as I will devote another article for my personal health story.

There are a few healthy sugar replacement products available for us. I'm not a fan of stevia. I don't like the flavor that it leaves in my mouth, so for me that one was not an option.

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One Simple Tip That Can Help With Sugar-Cravings

What I'm about to share with you is just the tip of the iceberg, but we all need to start somewhere, right?

There is a great essential oil blend that I like using that can support you when it comes to sugar-cravings, weight issues, and a few more things. It is a metabolic blend.

What's in it and how can you benefit from it?

This blend contains five wonderful essential oils that each play an important role, especially when we are dealing with sugar cravings, but it also helps with other issues as well.

When combining these essential oils into one single blend, they target very specific issues related to cravings, metabolism, mood, appetite, and they even address emotional issues, like feelings of worthlessness, feeling ugly and thinking that in order to look a certain way, one needs to deny themselves pleasure and stick to a strict diet. 

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The Sweet Substance That Will Make You Feel Good Now Can Also Make You Sick Later

I hope you have enjoyed Part 1 of this video series with Dr. Raymond Francis, the author of the blog, "Never Get Sick Again." If you haven't yet watched it, be sure to watch the first video – first. Just click here and a new window will open up for you. 🙂

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The ONE and Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Health

It is essential that we keep our health in excellent shape. Don't you think? Dr. Raymond Francis, the author of the book, "Never Get Sick Again" has been sick only once in the last 26 years. I find it very inspiring and impressive. I was curious to know what is it that he does so I can reach his age and beyond in good health and with great energy.

Dr. Francis mentions in this video, the one thing that we can all do that can make a big difference in our health. You may guess what it is or it may be a new piece of information for you.

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