When You Are Truly Ready For Healing Nothing Should Be Standing in Your Way



How do you know that you are truly ready for healing? Is it enough to have the desire to heal? Or are there other things that are a part of the true healing equation?

More than once in my life I have wanted to resolve my pain, ache, and discomfort. And I’ve done a lot of things to try and break through the same old same thing.

Today, after almost two decades of working with people in-person and long-distance, as well as my own personal experience, I can confidently say that having the desire to heal is just one piece of the healing puzzle; a very important piece, but still just one piece.

A Desire Is One Piece That Allows All The Other Pieces To Come Into Place, BUT It’s Not Enough Just To Have A Desire. One Must Also Be Open To Receive What He/She Is Asking For.

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How I Was Saved By A Hat And An Umbrella

I was on my way to get a ninety minute massage; my birthday gift to myself. I was so excited to enjoy the healing touch of one of the most amazing massage therapists on the planet, Chance Welton.

Driving happily on the 101 freeway towards beautiful Topanga Canyon, listening to the musical, Matilda, singing along and really enjoying myself, I suddenly heard this loud noise.


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Even As A Child I knew That I Could Heal Without A Pill

We all know at least one person if not more who is going through physical and/or emotional challenges. Maybe that one person is you…

It is tough to just accept or live with these kinds of challenges that may be debilitating, painful, and sucking the joy out of living.

In my life, whenever I endured physical pain, like stomach aches since the age of 12 or pain in my bones as I grew or a severe allergy in my late 30’s; I felt that these physical challenges were not as painful as my emotional challenges. I was getting hurt by what other people said, by their behavior towards me and others, and I did not know where (or with whom) to process what I was going through. So I did it all internally because I had to.

free choice

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The Pain That Wouldn’t Go Away – Finally Did

In this blog, I am going to share with you a story that will blow your mind. What will blow your mind is the simplicity that showed up behind the pain that one of my client have endured. The name and circumstances have been change to protect her privacy.

Sheila came to see me for a foot analysis reading with a pain in her left foot (in the area shown in the image below). As I looked at her foot asking her if she remembered if she had hit it or stepped on something, she replied that nothing of that sort had happened. So I moved to the emotional angle of the reading and asked her how is it going for her in the area of communicating, expressing herself, and who she is especially in regards to her family. It seems that according to her feet there wasn’t an issue in her career, it was family related.

foot pain

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How To Unlock The Answers To Your Deepest Desires

Having a strong desire to be, do, or have something that you really want is a wonderful thing. It’s the driving force that has the full potential in it to be, do, or have what we want.

We all experience that desire and sometimes, when we desire that “thing” for a long time and do not get it, the desire may become mixed with frustration, resentment, and even bitterness. Sometimes we may even feel defeated. From that point on, it seems that the climb back up to “going after your dreams” is more challenging.

yellow brick road

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Being Tested By The Universe? Here Are 3 Things You Can Do

How many times do you feel like you are being tested by the universe and you just didn’t get the message of what you are being tested for? You knew that there was something for you to learn, to get, to wake up to, but what the heck is it?

It may have been one aspect in your life that keeps repeating itself and you can’t find good answers for it or it may be one thing after another in many different areas in your life altogether.

 being tested 

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The First Thing You Can Do When You Are Feeling Stuck

At some point in life, we all felt stuck. We have a problem and we simply don't know where to turn. It feels like we are living in a maze. Every train of thought that we take, leads us to one or more dead ends. Many times we think that tomorrow morning we'll wake up and a solution will present itself, or things will be different, but…they are not. It's the same old same, day in and day out and we almost feel like a part of us is slowly dying.

stuck in a maze

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8 Ways To Get Out Of Thinking Negatively

We all get there from time to time, that habit of thinking in negative ways. Some of us do it every few minutes and others need a trigger that will start rolling those negative neurons in our brain which will then activate the snowball of negative thoughts. It is funny that a lot of people are not aware that they even have negative thoughts. They just think that this is who they are and this is the truth. If you are among those who are aware of your negative thoughts, then that actually means that you are very, very close to releasing them.

Here are 8 ways we can get
INTO negative thinking or a negative space
and how to get OUT
 of it:
When Your Awareness
Of Thinking Negatively Grows,
So Will Your Ability To Shift It.
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How To Keep Your DNA In Great Shape

We used to think that having a strong immune system keeps us protected and healthy. This is still true yet it’s not the whole truth. We also need to have a DNA that is aligned and balanced. This is something I learned with my own flesh and blood at the end of 2010 when I was experiencing a severe allergic reaction. The only thing that helped me heal was to resolve some ancestral issues that surfaced up and manifested as hives on my face.

(If you wish to read the full story, click here. If you want to watch a video where I’m sharing the story – click here)

DNA-twisting a thread

Every living organism has DNA. Besides the color of our eyes and skin, the type of hair and other traits, it also contains information from our ancestral lineage, our soul’s journey, the Akashic records (history of the cosmos), and in words that may be more common – our karma, past lives, chakras, energy body, etc.

DNA Damage Is The Underlying Cause
Of Mutations Leading To Cancer.

DNA Damage accumulates naturally as we age. But not to worry, there is GREAT NEWS!! The great news is that we CAN repair the damage and prevent these mutations from occurring in an extreme way.

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Fear, Pain, and Other Friends

No one really likes to experience pain or fear. And emotions or feelings like anxiety, sadness, loneliness, boredom, and other similar “friends,” as I like to call them, are not our favorite either, right?

So why are they all here? Have you ever given it a thought?

I have a friend that cannot stand going to get a massage and have the massage therapist press a little too hard. She can’t stand it. For me on the other hand, if the massage therapist is not pressing deeply, I don’t feel that I got a massage.

Massage preference

Pain, fear, and other friends are here to teach us something about ourselves. Whether we like it or not, they show up in our lives, physically and emotionally. We do not consciously invite pain, but we definitely invite pain subconsciously. And we do that so we can pay attention to certain things our physical and emotional body is signaling to us and so we can heal.

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