Are you on a journey to success?

In my own personal journey I have found myself many times wanting to succeed. Don’t we all WANT to succeed? I don’t believe that anyone does what they do for any other reason. Sometimes, however, we do not notice that we are caught up in this habit: The habit of – Wanting to succeed which is totally different than being successful, wouldn’t you agree?

The famous Law of Attraction keeps on showing us how true it is that we get more of what we focus on — we attract it, right? So if you think about it for a moment, when you are in the habit of Wanting to succeed what are you actually attracting more of?… You are right – more situations and circumstances that put you in the position of – Wanting to succeed and not necessarily succeeding.

So a little tweak will go a long way. You want to create success EVERY SINGLE DAY, so you can be in the HABIT of SUCCEEDING vs. the habit of WANTING. And you might ask, well, how do I do that?…

I want to share with you a few powerful, easy to implement ways to do that, AND…it is very important that you would not develop the habit of being overwhelmed. Therefore I will make it easy for you and I will post once a week an extra tool that will help you to develop the habit of BEING SUCCESSFUL. That way you’ll be able to practice the first strategy for the next week, and next Thursday I’ll post another tool that you can add.

So if you want to make sure to receive the next strategies that I will share, look for the “Subscribe to Sigal’s blog” on the right hand side of this page, click on it and enter your email address and you’ll receive an email immediately when I post the next strategy.

So here is the first one:

Think about — what do you do every day that you know
you are already successful at?

for example (pick one, or scan your mind, there must be something)

– You are waking up early.

– You are smiling when you bump into people.

– You are flossing after every meal.

– You are learning something new.

– You are connecting with people on facebook/twitter etc.

– You pray.

– You appreciate something.

You are doing one or more of those things (or something else) every single day. But you are so used to it, so you do not see it as a success. If you think back, this was something that you learned to do. Now it’s yours. Acknowledge that, and you’ll see the magic happening.

I am already eager to give you the next easy to implement strategy, but I promised — one at a time.

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