Being Tested By The Universe? Here Are 3 Things You Can Do

How many times do you feel like you are being tested by the universe and you just didn’t get the message of what you are being tested for? You knew that there was something for you to learn, to get, to wake up to, but what the heck is it?

It may have been one aspect in your life that keeps repeating itself and you can’t find good answers for it or it may be one thing after another in many different areas in your life altogether.

 being tested 

I’ve been there. It is SOOOOO tiring.  It can feel like fighting demons without even knowing where they are. For awhile we can attempt to ignore this test by the universe with the hopes that maybe it’ll go away. But normally these tests tend to show up in different ways and they do not disappear that easily.

Adopt The Point Of View That These “Tests” Are Actually The Perfect Way To Awaken You To The Next Level, And They Are Here To Help You Find Your Light, Your Happiness And Your Truth.

The key with realizing what you may be getting tested about is to make room for clarity to show up for you. When you keep thinking or affirming: “I know I’m being tested, but I don’t get the message” or “I have no clue what the universe is trying to show me,” you are blocking the message from showing up.

If you are already aware that you are being tested, then that’s great. You got fifty percent of the equation. The fact that you do not know what the “test” is only means that you have no conscious awareness. And since all the answers are inside of you, your job is to carve through the layers in order to allow the answer into your consciousness.

carving the angel

So for example, you sprained your ankle and it now it slows you down; you wanted to do certain things, but now you are limited. You finally get to an exercise routine and you get a momentum going, but now this sprained ankle is (as if it's) holding you back. You are disappointed and may be angry at yourself or you are positive and optimistic. But the bottom line here is that somehow this happened to you, and you find that more than once in life, when you are picking up momentum, something goes wrong or something unexpected happens. The great news is that it's there to show you something about yourself.

When You Take The Time To Look Within, To Sit In Silence And Ask Great Questions, Sooner Or Later, You Will Know.

Recently, I’ve did a foot analysis where my client shared with me that she is waiting for a sign from the universe so she knows which direction to go. When we are in a “waiting” mode, we keep attracting and manifesting more waiting modes. Don’t wait for a sign, put yourself in a space where you make room for the sign to be revealed to you. How? Here is a simple way.

Step 1:
Look at what is. Physically, emotionally, and circumstantially.
Describe it (writing is always great) in a few sentences.
For example:
“I am in a challenging relationship, there is great potential, but there are some issues. Physically, I feel like I don’t have energy. I feel a heaviness almost every day. I can even feel that my breath is heavy. Emotionally, I am low, indecisive and I know I’m not happy, but I also know that it’s not right to end the relationship. I'm almost feeling like I’m lost and impatient.

This feels like not being on track.

Step 2:
Ask yourself: "What do I need?"

After you get an answer it will be pretty easy to know what the next step is. In this case: ease in the relationship, good energy, lightness, breathe more easily, upliftment, decisiveness, being happy, have a sense of direction, patience, which basically are the opposite of what I described in step one's example. You want to ask again the “What do I need?" question, specifically to each of the aspects that showed up for you (and by the way, that's how you make things simple and not overwhelming or complex).

So what do I need in order to have:
Ease in the relationship,
Good energy,
Breathe more easily,
Being happy,
Have a sense of direction,

Possible answers in this example:
Ease in the relationship – an honest conversation with my partner to clarify if we are on the same page.
Good energy – I need to spend more time in nature, it nourishes me and I can deal better with what I’m going through.
Upliftment – an essential oil that will support me in doing that (by the way, the one I use for uplifting the mood is a wonderful blend of citruses called “citrus bliss” (
click here, then click on “shop”, choose your country, in the “item search,” enter  “citrus bliss”).

You May Discover The Answer
Only After Your Have Passed The Test.

Step 3:
Take action based on the answer that came up.

So if it was an honest conversation with your partner, then do that.

If it’s taking yourself every day to the park or a hike, or the lake or the beach, then that’s your next step.

Something always opens up when we take the next step. Be willing to do that even if you don’t yet know where it will lead you.

I remember that two weeks after I met my husband, I asked him if he believes in the institute of marriage and if he wants to get married. I didn't mean right now and not with me. Just something that he wants for himself.

He said, YES.

Had he said no, do you think I would have invested another moment with him? Nope. I wouldn’t. I was 36 years old back then and had spent many lost days with guys that did not want the same thing that I did. What’s the point? It is MY TIME, not theirs that I’m wasting.

Walking Hand by hand
My husband and I left all the guests to enjoy hors d'oeurves as
we headed to the train station to get some photos shoots.

Take these three steps seriously. Know that this is not the end of the road. They are here to help you to get out of the mystery of “what is the test.” Many times the test becomes clear only after you passed it.

It’s like you need to get outside of “the bubble” in order to realize you were in it.

And sometimes it's time to get some help and guidance. If you are still not clear about what the tests are, if you feel that you are stumbling over the same road blocks or sabotaging your success and happiness, you are welcome to apply for a complimentary healing consultation with me so you can start walking the path of clearing the blocks that may be standing in your way to feel better today.
Click here, watch the short video and follow the steps to apply.

I would love to read your comments, tell me how you liked this post, tell me what you are planning to do with this information, ask questions, and come back to share what has opened up for you.

Meanwhile, many blessings and much love to you and may you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.

Sigal Zoldan
Founder of Infinite Realities International- Holistic Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Results Coach
& Forensic Healer

Sigal incorporating these modalities in her practice: Foot & Handwriting Analysis, The Grinberg Method, Past Life Regression, Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Neurological Repatterning, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Forensic Healing and more. To learn more about Sigal and her work visit

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  1. Sigal, I felt like you were speaking to me with this blog. I have felt stuck and it has manifested into physical pain. With your guidance in healing sessions with you, my pain is gone and with the healing exercise you lead me through the other night ,I am moving forward again in momentum. Thank you so very much.

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