Can I share with you how I am getting free prizes? You can too, just ask me how…

Would an extra $20 or $40 a day make a difference in your life?
When I was asked this question my mind immediately started to calculated it for me:
$20 x 30 days (ave.) = $600 a month.
$40 x 30 days (ave.) = $1200 a month.

Maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot but I can certainly enjoy it.
Wouldn’t you?

Every time when I drive by a gas station and I check the price of gas, I get this pinch. Gosh! Is that where I want to invest my earnings? in paying for gas? But if I want to enjoy driving further away from my home, until I get the Hibrid brand I just got to pay gas. Don’t you?

Every time when I am standing in the grocery store or more likely at the Farmer’s Market (I buy organic food) and contemplating which product to buy I do think twice. Don’t you?

And when those bills are deducted automatically EVERY SINGLE MONTH from my bank account like a clock…hmmm. I rest my case.

So instead of starting a whole new business and inspired by my friend Roland Bonay I decided to help him get his prize and I can only gain some for myself as well. I love it when my only risk is to gain :-)and when there is almost no time investment on my hand.

So if an extra $20 or $40 a day might just make that difference for you I am glad you stopped by. As you continue doing what you love let that little extra accumulate and trickle into your bank account.

Click on the banner above to learn how you can too claim YOUR daily free prize of $20 or maybe $40.

I thank my friend Roland Bonay that shares this with me. My personal recommendation to you is to go check it right away. I already started to get lots of invitations to this fun thing and the sooner you decide if this is for you the faster you can start enjoying your prizes.

And please, HAVE FUN WITH IT 🙂 🙂 🙂



Can I share with you how I am getting free prizes? You can too, just ask me how… — 6 Comments

  1. Yes. It’s the compound effect. A little bit from everything makes a difference.

  2. It’s always great to have a few passive income streams under your belt! This one looks like it’s working for you! That’s awesome!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Lorri Ratzlaff

  3. Hi Cherrie and thanks for checking it out. This is a great question, I’ve been asking the same thing.
    Yes, you do have to do something. You have to complete 1.0 (one) credit. The way you to that is for example, if you choose Identity Guard, it has a 30-day free trial. Once you sign up for the free trial, I get $20. You can keep Identity Guard after the 30-day free trial or you can cancel before the free trial ends it all depends if you want to use the product or not. By doing that you will get the 1.0 credit, which makes you qualified from now on even if you’ll choose to cancel. You do have to stay in the free trail for at least 25 days before you cancel. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Once you fill out the form you will see that you have “0” credit. I will get notified that you joined and I’ll send you more thorough instructions by email.
    🙂 Wishing you a prosperous decade.

  4. Sigal wow another person in this. I set everything up along time ago but never really pushed to busy with other stuff. Might have to rethink that one. But thanks for jarring my memory.


  5. Interesting way to earn money. I looked at the site and it seems you have to do something else besides referring people to sign up. How do the “offers” play into account? Thanks for sharing!

    Cherrie Bautista

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