Discover How To Prevent Your Subconscious Mind From Sabotaging Your Healing – A True Story.

Years ago, a woman came to see me for hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss. As we looked at her eating habits the main thing that was very clear was that most of her meals were a combination of processed food, in plastic containers, that she threw quickly into the microwave when she got home from a busy and stressful day at work

apple in measuring tape

When we discussed the possibility of her having salads, she replied by saying that “salads are a lot of work. You need to wash the vegetables, cut them, and throw them in a bowl…” As I was listening to her, I was looking for the “lot of work” component and I couldn’t find it.

For me, growing up in Israel, with a Middle Eastern diet, there was one kind of salad or another on the table with every meal, EVERY DAY of the week.

I think my client compared the “work” involved in preparing a salad to the “work” involved in opening a plastic container and throwing it into the microwave.

In that case, I agree, salads are work.

As she listened to herself talking about the preparation process, she also started to figure out ways to simplify the process of salad making so she could actually get into the habit of eating salads. She knew it would be a great first step for her.

fresh vef. salad

She said, “I can wash all the vegetables and put them in Ziploc bags on Sunday and that will cut off the prep time when I get home from work during the week.”

I loved watching her mind go through the process of shifting and adjusting her ways so she could reach her weight and health goals.

The next week, she came to her session and she had done it! She had a few salads that week. She was so happy to start feeding herself and her teenage boy with more healthy and natural foods that nourished their bodies.

She was still using salad dressings with preservatives that could have been a contributing factor in her weight gain and also were not very healthy. Yet we took it one step at a time.

Personally, I have never bought any salad dressings in my life. My mom always made everything fresh so I gladly modeled that. Ditch The Salad Dressing. You Can Make Your Own Quickly And Easily.

My client started to feel good about herself. She felt she made a big first step, and for her it was REALLY big. She was excited and motivated.

Another week passed by, she showed up to her next hypnotherapy session. In this session, we talked for a while about what was going on for her in relation to the weight goals. In the last part of the session, we did some hypnosis where we took the new ideas and strategies and introduced them to her subconscious mind, where change really takes place, so the positive shift could actually happen in reality.

This time around my client was a bit shaky. Her eyes were running from side to side, her breath was short. I had asked what happened. She said that she had gone to the doctor for her annual exam and she told the doctor that she was doing this hypnotherapy process and that she started to eat salads and she felt good about herself.

The doctor was not happy. He said that she needed to watch out and that hypnosis can be a dangerous process and he didn’t recommend her to do that. I was pretty shocked and disappointed for her for multiple reasons.

One, because she was missing out on the possibility of getting on track with the support of an incredible tool – hypnosis, and take her health into her own hands.

Two, because she gave her power away to a doctor that clearly was not leading her in a healthy direction. It seemed like she took his suggestion and actually was hypnotized by him with fear as the controller.

And three, she lost hope, she didn’t see the light and who knows what that feeling will manifest into in the next months and years to come.

My client let fear determine her choices. She took what the doctor said as “The Truth” vs. her own experience. She trusted more what came out of the doctor’s mouth than what her own body and mind was telling her. She was blinded by fear and the fear dictated everything.

blinfolded womanThat was the last session and the last time I heard from her. She paid me in full for several more sessions yet she did not show up.

Even though it seemed that her doctor was the monster in this story, he wasn’t really. He was operating based on his belief system and his opinion. Clearly he did not know anything about hypnosis. He did not know that some people choose not to get anesthesia in dental work. In fact, people who have been severely burned have been under hypnotic anesthesia while new skin was implanted on top of their burns, as well as using self-hypnosis to manage their pain. There is plenty of information about the benefits of hypnosis.

Is Fire A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?
It all depends how you use it. If you use it to cook a meal on the stove then it’s a good thing. However, if you light a match and burn a forest down then it is not.

The same thing with hypnosis; It all depends on how we use it.

But the doctor was there in her life for a reason. He was there in her journey to find health and well-being, he was there to show her the way, to listen to herself, to choose freely between what is right for her and not according to what others, yes even doctors, say.

She had stepped into an opportunity to heal, but her fear painted the whole picture for her and she couldn’t put her trust in me anymore. Her doctor’s intimidating words scared her away. The fact was that she didn’t trust herself. She didn’t know to distinguish what was best and decide for herself. Letting herself be paralyzed by her fear, she chose medication over salads and off she went.

With all that was happening on the surface, something greater than that was happening underneath the surface, on the subconscious level.

The fact that my client had let a perception, sabotage her success for healing.

I know that sometimes it’s challenging to distinguish between a real life threatening fear and the kind of fear that holds us back. That’s why we need to train ourselves to trust ourselves and to trust our inner guidance. To know when we are led by fear and when we are not led by it.

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Meanwhile, many blessings and much love to you and may you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.

Sigal Zoldan 
Founder of Infinite Realities International- Holistic Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Results Coach
 & Forensic Healer

Sigal incorporating these modalities in her practice:
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