Even As A Child I knew That I Could Heal Without A Pill

We all know at least one person if not more who is going through physical and/or emotional challenges. Maybe that one person is you…

It is tough to just accept or live with these kinds of challenges that may be debilitating, painful, and sucking the joy out of living.

In my life, whenever I endured physical pain, like stomach aches since the age of 12 or pain in my bones as I grew or a severe allergy in my late 30’s; I felt that these physical challenges were not as painful as my emotional challenges. I was getting hurt by what other people said, by their behavior towards me and others, and I did not know where (or with whom) to process what I was going through. So I did it all internally because I had to.

free choice

I don’t know which one is more challenging for you, but whichever one it is, the physical, emotional, or maybe both of them equally; know that there is a way for you to also find solutions to heal yourself. For you to live in joy, in spite of the pain, suffering, and hardship that you have endured until now.

I’ll assume that you have already tried many different ways to help yourself. Some people turn to medications because it is a quick way to “eliminate” the problem.

Sometimes, the Right Healing Path For You
Is A Discovery Process.

Even as a young child I didn’t like medications. My mom would chase me throughout the house and if she was able to catch me, she’d force me to put a pill in my mouth. But I would hide so well that after a few attempts, my mom gave up looking for me. I think she was conflicted herself with medicating me as it was such a battle for her because I resisted so much. It may have been an intuitive knowing on my part – not to put that chemical “thing” in my mouth. So until age 16, I never swallowed a pill. At times, she would give me liquid medication, like American Tylenol, which I refused to take as well but I was not running away from it that much, I only got a little disgusted by it.

young child-blue

So you can see I was never drawn to medications. I believe that medications help locally and temporarily and if one chooses to take them, the approach should be, “OK, I’ll take it for a short period of time so I can get back on track and then look for ways to heal vs. shut down the symptom(s).”

Once You Start With Medications There Is
A Good Chance You Will Need More Of Them…

You’ve probably noticed that when a person takes medications, it’s never just one medication. It starts with one but then there are side effects or damage that is done, so another medication is needed to “fix” that.

I see medication mostly as a way to fill some people’s pockets, not so much a way to help humanity to heal. Whatever we try to achieve with medication can be achieved in most cases, naturally and holistically. If you watched the movie “The Secret,” there was a lady that was diagnosed with cancer and decided not to take the chemotherapy path but simply to eliminate any stress from her life. She got many DVD’s and programs that would make her laugh and she eradicated any stress from her body so it would heal. So if you are disappointed with the ways things have been unfolding for you in terms of your physical healing or emotional healing or both, and my words speak to you, I’d love to share with you my takes on true, long-lasting healing and you can then be the judge for yourself. After all, you truly are the one who leads your own health. And if you are not, because you are giving your power to someone else, you may want to examine that and find ways to get your power back.

When I experience a challenge that compromises the quality of my life, whether it is physical, hormonal, a pain of some sort, bloating, lack of energy, or sleep issues; or if the challenge is emotional, like overwhelm, sadness, hurt, worry, and so forth, I always lead myself to find the source of the symptom. I always think that somehow I created the manifestation of this symptom. I take full responsibility of my creation and then I start digging to find the source.

The First Step In Any True Healing Is
Taking Full Responsibility.

full responsibility

Sometimes, the source can be easily identified and at other times it may take weeks, months, and even years to find. I know that when I find the source, the challenge will shift because there will no longer be any energy that feeds it.

So for example, when I find myself restless or impatient, I ask myself, “Why am I like this? Where is this coming from?” And I find that my mom or brother said something to me that was hurtful and so I try to process it and I get stuck.

Then I pull out one of my tools (like in this case my “Disconnecting From Negative Relationships” audio) and release the damage that is still running through my emotional self.

After I release it, the restlessness or impatience would disappear and I’d be back to my ultimate state of peace and balance; where my body, mind, and soul are in alignment and can function at my best.

When You Are Allowing Yourself To Experience An Emotional State Like Worry, Anger, Stress, And Hurt Each Day, Those Can Eventually Manifest To Physical Symptoms Unless You Somehow *Release Them On A Regular Basis.

(*Release= letting it go, making peace with it. Not lashing at someone else)

If I had allowed myself to be restless for days and days as an on-going state of being, I have no doubt that some physical symptom would have developed.

Think about it. Where do you think ulcers are coming from? Why do people have digestive issues and need to be so aware of what they are eating? Is it only about the food? It’s not! I can eat all the right things and still feel lousy and then eat the “wrong” things and feel great.

It has to do with our emotions. (I doesn’t mean to say that I always stay away from the “wrong,” unhealthy types of food, but I do treat my body as a sacred temple.)

Not everyone on this planet will be courageous enough to dig deeply and find the source of their challenge. Some will reach for the quick fix, a pill. Others will look for a quick “natural” pill that doesn’t have chemicals in it but is still an external solution that needs to be consumed and used over and over again for it to work. Nothing is wrong with that, yet the bottom line is that it did not address the underlying issue and therefore may not have freed you from your symptom but only helped you to manage your symptom in a more healthy way. And if you want to keep it at that level, that’s fine. I, myself, do both; I address it immediately with a remedy that will help ease and soothe my symptom, yet I’m making sure to get to the bottom of it as well.

If you read my previous blog-article, about my client who freed herself from her pain in the foot, you would know the freedom that she gained by looking into what her pain was trying to teach her. She could have rubbed something on her feet that would have alleviated the pain, but would she ever gain the freedom to be who she really is by doing just that? Rubbing a cream or an oil on her foot that is, will that really be sufficient? Who knows, maybe…maybe not…

That’s why; I like to always do both. I like to help myself immediately by alleviating the pain, ache, discomfort, or challenge. And then address it all the way to the core of the problem, so the truth can set me free.

Many people will come to the conclusion that managing their symptoms is not enough, that surgery, like anything else, may or may not fix the problem.

There are two bottom lines:

Bottom Line One is that if you are looking to fix problems, be aware that that is not true healing. For example, I have a relative who suffered from a lower back pain for years; she eventually decided to go through back surgery. Her back pain stayed the same after surgery with no improvement. Not only did she need to recover from the surgery and the trauma (yep, an invasion of that kind is traumatic to our body) but she also needed to find solutions to her back pain.

Bottom Line Two, it is really all up to you. You can choose any of the paths that you feel drawn to and go with it. You are the one who make the choices. You are the one who says “Yea or Nay.” You are the one who chooses who to listen to and who to follow.

I wish you infinite blessings on your path to physical and emotional freedom.

You are welcome to apply for a complimentary healing consultation with me so can start walking the path of clearing the blocks that may be standing in your way to feel better today. Click here, watch the short video and follow the steps to apply.

Meanwhile, many blessings and much love to you and may you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.

Sigal Zoldan 
Founder of Infinite Realities International- Holistic Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Results Coach
 & Forensic Healer

Sigal incorporating these modalities in her practice:
Foot & Handwriting Analysis, 
The Grinberg Method, Past Life Regression, Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Neurological Repatterning, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Forensic Healing and more. To learn more about Sigal and her work visit www.sigalzoldan.com

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