Finding Balance Through The 4 Areas Of Alignment


We all want to have more balance. whether the balance is emotional or financial, balance between work and play. As a routine (especially in the West) it is almost as if achieving balance requires that we set the goal to have more balance, or else we find ourselves busy – again. 

I would assume that you have been the driver of a car many times. When we want to drive our car somewhere, we don't even think about the alignment of all four wheels. We get into the car and we expect that it will take us where we wish to go, as long as we are in the driver seat. Last week I drove on the freeway and noticed that the wheel was shaking. I made a mental note to take my car to Garo, from K & G Auto Repair (my favorite mechanic – honest, fair, and saves you money where he can) to check the alignment. Not only is there more effort to drive like this, but it is also dangerous.

There is a reason why I chose to share with you the analogy of the car alignment. So many times we want to achieve certain results and even though we change some strategies, even though we educate ourselves about what we can do differently, we still do not arrive there. And then, of course, along the way we invest our time, money and energy (not always – hopefully we learned something) only to see it go down the drain. 

There are four areas in our lives which we need to create alignment in order to arrive at the destination that we desire safely, peacefully, and happily.

I will share with you in just a moment what those areas are, though I don't want your brain to close after you read it. Because the key to having the kind of alignment you need in order to reach your destination is to master the balance between those four areas.

The first area of alignment is
Your Mind Set

When your mind set is more on the positive, empowering, supportive side then it will be easier for you to deal with the challenges that come your way. Both you and I know that challenges will show up, yet when you are more optimistic and positive there is a greater chance that the challenges will be almost like other thing on your To Do list vs. a big problem. People that have a negative or disempowering mind set will tend to get more easily off track because whatever they need to confront will just be too much for them. The important thing to know is that your positive and empowering mind set lives both in your conscious and subconscious mind, so you want to make sure that you create congruency between those two minds and that one is not dragging the other down. Instead both encourage each other to keep climbing the "mountain," like two good friends that support and uplift one another. The best way I have found to do that is conditioning and repetition through guided visualization and the Success-Shift™ Affirmations.

The second area of alignment is
Your Emotional States

This is one of the biggest hurdles. When someone knows what they need to do but they either don't feel like doing it, or are overwhelmed by all the other things that are going on for them, or they bump into "I don't have the money/ time/ knowledge," they go into an emotional state and usually stay stuck there for a while. Those that have an empowering and positive mind set can take themselves out of that unwanted/stuck emotional state faster. But I want you to be aware that sometimes when we do pull ourselves out of the emotional state, we might do it in a way that doesn't really move us forward or help us to get out of the comfort zone, but only gives us temporary relief. For example: It's time to make calls to your prospects. You don't feel like it, and you are starting to feel badly about it, maybe thinking that you are a procrastinator, a loser or just lazy. You recognize that you are being dragged down emotionally by your own thought process and you lift yourself up by saying – tomorrow, I will prepare the list, I'll get up early and I'll make those calls. And then tomorrow something else comes up and you keep looping and not moving towards what you want to accomplish. So what I want you to be able to do is to shift your emotional state to one that supports your outcomes. If your emotions go one way and your desires go the other it's like driving with two front wheels that are pointing two different directions and you know what the consequences are — to stay exactly where you are.

The third area of alignment is
Planning Strategically

So now that you have more awareness about what is going on internally, it's time to plan where you are heading. Some of the pieces are known to you and some you'll need to clarify. You will move forward much more quickly, lose less time, money, energy and enjoy the journey when you plan strategically by asking yourself questions like: "What is important to me?" or "Is this is where I should invest my time/money/energy?" Perhaps you simply have a brainstorming process that allows you to throw some ideas out and then pick and choose the best path (along with taking care of your mind set and emotional state). They say that it is all about the journey, not about the destination, and I totally believe in this saying, but I also come from the perspective that the journey doesn't have to be a struggle – it can be fun or at least challenging in the same way of having a good workout.

The fourth area of alignment is
Taking the Strategic Actions

This fourth area is the one that helps us execute all the other three in the physical world – the one that allows us to get real world results. We can have a great mind set, feel good about ourselves and accept the situation as well as plan very strategically, but if we are not going to take the next step that we planned to take, then how can we complain that we are not where we want to be? It's exactly like getting into the car and not pressing the gas pedal. Even though the wheels are now aligned, you aren't going anywhere if you don't press on the gas.

So we have come this far, and we understand that if all these areas are not aligned, we're probably going to go in a circular motion. I would like to see all of us going a bit more in a zigzag motion (there is no real linear movement in these matters). At least with the zigzag motion, we do move forward. Get this — WHEN YOU ARE MOVING IN A ZIGZAG, YOU ARE MOVING FORWARD.

So what it all comes down to is conditioning! When you are conditioned to navigate naturally between all these four areas – this is where your results live. In 2011 as a part of a weekly program I was conducting, I addressed these four areas including a guided visualization that took care of the conditioning part. Even though you were not a part of the program, I wanted you to have the option to get a copy of the recording. The content I shared on the call can make a huge difference for anyone who feels that it takes them too long to achieve their goals. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that when you are aligned – results do show up. This is not about getting it all quickly. It's about training your mind, emotions and actions to be so aligned that you are staying on track and not losing precious time. You can obviously continue acting the same way you did until now, BUT, you don't have too, you can start practicing the "GYM" today, so you can enjoy the results tomorrow.

Because you took the time to read this blog you can now grab a copy of this call for only $15 (normally $25)
Click here and follow the steps.

After your payment is made, I will email you (to the same email that is connected with your Paypal account) the link to download the digital audio, "The Four Areas Of Alignment". Please allow 24-48 hours for the email to arrive.

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I would love to read your comments, tell me how you liked this post, tell me what you are planning to do with this information, ask questions and come back to share what have opened up for you.

Meanwhile, many blessings to you and may you experience freedom,health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.
Much Love,

Sigal Zoldan
Founder of Infinite Realities International- Holistic Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Results Coach
& Forensic Healer

Sigal incorporating these modalities in her practice: Foot & Handwriting Analysis, The Grinberg Method, Past Life Regression, Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Neurological Repatterning, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Forensic Healing and more. To learn more about Sigal and her work visit

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Finding Balance Through The 4 Areas Of Alignment — 34 Comments

  1. I would be very thankful if you continue with these quality articles.
    I really enjoy it…and I really appreciate you for this 🙂
    Its always a pleasure to read so….Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I agree with you Melrose, it is not easy, but it is possible when you take each days strategic steps to change your emotional state. The truth is that as long as we live we’ll have emotions to deal with. It is easier when you are training yourself to shift your emotional states so
    1. You are able to move faster from one unwanted emotion to another and
    2. That getting stuck on a certain negative or none-supportive emotion happens less and less in your life.

    Do you know where to begin?

  3. I know how hard it is to balanced things in life.
    It isn’t always easy cos it involves a lot of things, life, money, living, etc.
    Particularly my emotional state. This is not an easy part of my life.

  4. Yes Steve, and I’ve been consciously following that in the last couple of weeks. Noticing how I do not get too busy, and even though there are some areas I am allowing more clarity to show up, I am making sure I am giving myself the time to actually let it pop onto the surface.
    I appreciate your comment.


  5. Thanks for visiting Linnea.
    Body and mind are so connected…


  6. Hi Sigal,

    Balance is one of those things that can be such a challenge and tricky to achiever but I think your post raises very good points to consider. I think it is also helpful to maintain a healthy physical body for overall emotional balance. ~ Linnea

  7. Great post, Sigal! What I really like about it is the way that you set things up sequentially. I think that it is very interesting to see what happens when you fix one area and how it makes you more open to positive change in another.

  8. Totally Karin!! As human beings we are reluctant to jump into the unknown. Even to jump into the known is scary. My husband jumped from an airplane for his bachelor party, even though he new where he is jumping to 🙂 it was scary. I am not drawn to do that. I did cross the unknown of speaking in public (no. 1 fear) …and not in my mother tong…


  9. Can’t be giving if others are not receiving and you are such a great receiver Laura.
    Make it a great week. 🙂

  10. And I appreciate you taking the time to read it and share your thoughts with me Christine 🙂

  11. Eiji, thanks for stopping by my friend. Your quote by Sun Tzu reminds me of something that I heard a few years ago and really stuck with me: Hope is not a strategy. Simple and profound. It was by Jeff Hofman, Maybe you know him, he used to work with Tony Robins and lead LINC-LA – a networking group that doesn’t exist anymore.

    🙂 Sigal

  12. I totally hear that. I actually know someone who fits what you are describing. So are you saying she is missing the 4th wheel? Of taking the action…

  13. Hi Sigal,
    A lot of people think that if they create a positive mindset, get their emotions balanced and create a strategic plan that somehow their business will just naturally take off. One person in my ongoing mastermind group seems to think that if she really thinks it through and creates the “perfect” web site, that her business will just flow. It is now 2 years and her web site is still in the planning stage….

  14. Very powerful article Sigal!

    Being strategic with our actions is critical. I believe most people confuse tactics with strategy and are focused only on what’s in front of them versus the big picture view.

    With the wrong strategy, you cannot win. You cannot see the sunset looking east.

    Sun Tzu stated: Strategies without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

    Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

    I’ve experienced your work and it is phenomenal. Happy I found this article.

    To Your Genius,

  15. Hi Sigal,

    You’re certainly talking the truth here in this post. As you stated, all things need to come together to obtain true balance. If any one of these are unbalanced, you will find yourself “spinning your wheels” in a lot of ways! LOL. The car analogy is great. You don’t want to be “hurking and jerking” down the road to your destination when success is what you seek. 😉

  16. Hi Sigal,

    What an outstanding (and vitally important) topic to post about ~You gave such great detail of each important point; concise and to the point. I really thought the analogy you utilized (the car being out of alignment) was quite original and an excellent example! I personally strive to keep all areas of my life in proper balance (which is not always an easy task), and find that I do much better when I ask myself some of the questions you’d included like “What is important to me” or “is this an area that I should be devoting my time, energy or resources to?”. I appreciate you sharing 🙂


  17. Sigal,
    This is an OUTSTANDING article, one of the best I’ve read this month! I love your metaphor of the four wheels and alignment. Synchronizing, mind, emotions, planning and taking ACTION are definitely the key and all must take place for success. I think that planning is my big weakness. I need to plan more so that my action is more focused and effective.
    Thanks for sharing this,

  18. Hi Sigal

    Your Blog and information is so wonderfully refreshing! I have been back a few times this week and poked around. I am from LA and now live in Salt Lake. I raised my kids right near Valley Village, and they went to school in Studio City. You work in my old “stomping grounds”! So we have a lot to talk about!!
    As for this article, I related to it it very much. The emotional roller coaster keeps us from communicating effectively, receiving what we deserve, and so many other things you mentioned. I tend to be too “all or nothing” in my emotional states, which can get kind of hairy for those around me!! What I mean is, I am either “all in” or “not feeling it”…kind of like a pendulum swinging wide. A coach told me one to try not to let the highs not be so high, and lows not be so low…
    I really like your information and know I will learn a ton from you!!

    Thanks New Friend!!
    Laura Morris

  19. Nice post! You’ve covered some basic concepts in a very entertaining and fresh way. We all need this kind of reminder regularly. Gives us a chance to double check that we’re on track!

  20. What a great example of being out of emotional alignment; “If your emotions go one way and your desires go the other it’s like driving with two front wheels that are pointing to different directions and you know what the consequences are — to stay exactly where you are. I have found myself in the exact situation you described about making calls.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City USA

  21. I read your post with great interest. I have wondered for a long time why it is that internet marketing is so hard for so many people. I have come to the conclusion that it is because of the unknown. The IM industry is still so young that the processes to follow are not nearly as well defined as they are in the offline world.
    That is why your 4 areas of alignment are even more critical. If you are not well balanced and you have to deal with the unknown in becomes very difficult to become successful.

  22. Angel, I am glad you stooped by and read this blog post. I love analogies that are very tangible, memorable and practical, that way we can bump into them in our everyday reality and get reminded very often. It is helping us to condition ourselves in an indirect way to take action and shift our minds to the things that has the ability to move us forward.

    It will be great to see you here soon.

  23. Hey Sigal,

    This is a really wonderful post and the car analogy is a perfect one to use. I especially like the idea of not taking strategic action is like getting into a car and not pressing the gas. So very true 🙂

    You’ve got a really great blog here and I look forward to coming back for more.


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