How Do You Know If Your Fears Are Real Or Fake?

Fear, is a legitimate thing. In its healthiest form, fear is here to protect us. It tells us when it's time to run away and when it's time to fight. It is all about survival; it’s all about our existence.

Life is too precious just to stay indifferent, so this mechanism of fear is strongly built within us, and every day, whether we are aware of it or not, dictates our decisions and actions.

This is not coming as news to you because for the most part, fear is designed in such a way to protect us.

But sometimes, there are fears that are holding us back. And those are the kinds of fears that we want to learn to recognize when they show up. You know what I’m talking about, right?  

Those times where we're facing an unfamiliar situation or the unknown or when something shocks us to such a point that we feel anxious or paralyzed.

Or when we need to make a decision and we just don’t know which direction to choose.

Or when somebody tells us that there is no answer and we have to accept the pain, i.e. the condition, the way it is.

modern life fears

Personally, I believe that all of the above are tests. Test to see if we are ready to move to the next level in our personal evolution or if we still need to bump into walls, get more frustrated, experience more pain and heartache; or it’s time to experience joy, peace, prosperity, and well being.

Lately, I’ve been noticing many people having this conflict. On one hand, they really want to help themselves get better. They want to feel better physically, they want to live in a better home and town, or perhaps, they want to be in a better intimate relationship.

Their challenge is how to move from where they are to where they want to be, yet they just keep repeating the same mantra to themselves and others:
“I don’t have the money,”
“I don’t have the time,”
“I feel like I want to give up,”
“I tried for so long,”
and many other excuses.

Yes, these are excuses!! It’s not the truth. It’s the reality we create in our own minds when we are in fear.

Fear Will Try To Keep You The Same.
Same Is “Safe,” It’s Familiar.
To Break Through The Sameness Means,
You Must Break Through Fear.
To Break Through Fear, You Must
Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone.
To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone,
You May Need Guidance.
In Any Case, It Starts With You
REALLY Wanting To Change

VS. Complaining That Nothing Ever Changes!

There are millions of creative ideas for getting to where you want to go. It’s not about the money, and not about the business; it’s about you experiencing your fear in disguise. It’s ONLY about fear. And this is the kind of fear that most people think is threatening their life. But it’s not.

I know someone who really wants to use essential oils to get better. She expressed to me (and I thanked her for her honesty) that she is not coming to an essential oil class (although, not too long ago, she did come once) because she knows she will want the oils and she doesn’t want to spend the money.

She is holding herself back from learning about what can help her to get better, physically and emotionally, and even financially. And she is not even taking small steps to help herself – this is fear in action!!

There is an option for her to share the oils with other people and earn money as well. She doesn’t need to just “spend,” which to me is an investment in her health.

Meanwhile, each day she is dealing with issues of low mood, lack of motivation, bloated stomach, impatience, and more.

Take 1st step -TRUST

Is she going to have a better flow of money in her life? Is she open for the flow to come? Maybe she is, but not soon. She may have prayed long and hard for years, but if she is not taking action when the answers to her prayers are showing up, she still needs to learn a thing or two about receiving, even though she may be really good at asking …

When she wants something, she is drawn to it and yet, she is still not letting herself fly with it. Why? You guessed it right! Fear!

She is afraid she would not be able to hold herself accountable and will spend money, even though she doesn’t want to spend it.

She is allowing her fear to control her and hold her back.

She prayed and something showed up in her life to help her get better and now she is saying “no” to it.

Fear has many different faces. Many!! And the moment you are awakening to the particular costume your fear is wearing, that’s the moment when you get your power back. That’s the moment you catch yourself repeating your excuses and the moment you must take the next step.

There are 3 questions you can ask yourself to know if the next step you wish to take is based on a real fear or based on a perceived fear:

1. If I TAKE THIS STEP, will it literally kill me?
(Jumping from a plane without a parachute will kill you, speaking in public – won’t.)

2. If I DO this, how am I expecting to feel?

3. If I DON’T do this, how would I feel?

you must change 1stYour answers will lead you to make the best decisions for you and it will give you a perspective of how you may be holding yourself back. It will also help you with a reality check. If you don’t do something that will help you to move forward, how long are you willing to stay where you are, hoping that something will change?


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Wishing you many blessings and much love and may you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.




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