How To Program Your Mind To Solve Your Problems While Sleeping

Each night when we go to sleep we have a wonderful window of opportunity to take care of some problem that we are experiencing. You see, while we sleep we rest our conscious mind, and as that happens, our subconscious mind is doing its roll in processing the events of the day, categorizing them in the subconscious mind’s  folders AND also, helping us to process and “digest”, give us clues and action step through dreams.

Many books have been written about dream interpretation but not all of them are created equal. The reason is that one person may interpret symbols in one way and another in a different way, so actually, dream interpretation is a very individual process, but I’ll get to that later.

First, I want to share with you how to program your mind so it can help you with giving you the solutions to problems that you may currently face. It can be any kind of problem. It can be a physical issue that bugs you and maybe debilitated you, it can be related to one or more of your relationships like feeling that you are not appreciated or respected, it can be related to finances, like being worried about your income, feeling like there is never enough and any other issue that is on your mind and you don’t know where to turn to.

* * * * * * * *

So in away, by using your mind and programming it so it’ll provide you with the solutions while you are asleep is allowing you to become your own therapist. There is so much power in healing and resolving your own problems by yourself, wouldn’t you agree? The knowing, that you can actively work with your subconscious mind to solve your problems, to me is freedom.

So let me show you what you can do to program your mind before going to sleep. It’s really simple.
You want to tell your mind at least 3 times and in 3 different ways exactly what to do while you are asleep.

And the number 3 is like a magic number in programming your mind. Saying it 3 times will simply make a deeper impact, it’s like covering all corners, and this has been tested in the NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) world. Also, if your mind has any resistance at all to one form or another, the third suggestion will kick in and work. So you do not need to use more than 3 ways, 3 is enough.

So it would look like this:

1. “Dear unconscious mind, as I dream tonight please provide
       me the solution to _______”.
2. “As I dream tonight, I appreciate you providing me with the
       solution to _________”
3. My beloved subconscious mind, as I sleep tonight
     peacefully and restfully I thank you for providing
     me the clarification to ________”.

You can use the words if you wish to incorporate more ways: provide, clarify, give, bring up, answer, bring forth, illuminate, resolve, offer, present, propose, recommend, supply, grant, deliver and if you have other words that resonate with you, then you are welcome to use them, whichever word resonates with you.
You can also decide if you are talking to your unconscious mind or your subconscious mind. It’s really what speaks to you in your experience.

* * * * * * * *

Your subconscious mind has the answer for you, it’s just that your conscious and subconscious don’t communicate straight forward with one another. One way that they communicate is through dreams, so as you are utilizing the time of your sleep to direct your dreams to help you with the solution to a problem, you may be guided in the right direction, of course, it depends on the interpretation of your dream. And you really don’ need to worry about interpreting your dreams incorrectly, because your subconscious mind will still be there the next night to process the “wrong” interpretation the and will repeat the route of processing the events of the day, categorizing them in the subconscious mind’s folders and help you process and “digest”, give you clues through more dreams.

Yet since you are looking for solution you would want to do your best to know how to interpret your dreams. I do want to mention though that if you would not wish to work with your dreams, the programming process will still work. It can work in different ways. You may hear a program on the radio that will provide you with the next step towards the solution, or you will find it in a book that you are currently reading or about to read. You may meet a person that will be the door to your solution and so forth. So don’t overwhelm yourself to think that you MUST learn to interpret your dreams if you are not into it. Enjoy, go with the flow and work with what you have. Remember that where a will there is is a way and a solution will always be provided to you in the right place at the right time. By working and programming your subconscious mind while you sleep – you are asking actively for the solution to show up.

Here is an example so it’s all very clear to you
and you know exactly what to do.

Let’s say you have a pain in your back and you have done massages and exercises, and the doctor say it’s just stress or whatever the known reason and experience is, yet the pain is there.
So before you go to sleep, stat out loud or silently:
1. “Dear unconscious mind, as I dream tonight please provide me the solution to this back pain”.
2. “As I dream tonight, I appreciate you providing me with the solution to back pain”
3. My beloved subconscious mind, as I sleep tonight peacefully and restfully I thank you for providing me the clarification to back pain”.

And then simply close your eyes and go to sleep, there is nothing else you need to think about or do. Just hand the command to your subconscious mind, your job now is to fall asleep.

Now, here is a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE that you want to make sure you incorporate in the programming: You really want to sleep well at night, right? You do not want to toss and turn. So in case you didn’t use the third script above that includes the words “sleep peacefully and restfully”, you want to conclude with a 4th closing line and tell your subconscious mind to allow you to sleep fully, completely, peacefully, soundly, restfully (choose whichever combination of words you like) as it’s coming up with the solution for you. You can also request to awaken fully refreshed and energize at the time you wish to wake up. For this process to be successful, you do need to sleep well. So all of the guidance above is going to serve you if you sleep well. If you don't, I suggest you first seek for help so you can improve your sleep and then continue to the rest of the things you wish to solve or shift in your life. And if you want me to help you with your sleep I'll gladly consider to help you with that, just reach out.

Do you want to interpret your dreams so you can get the message?
If yes, you will find this blog-post "
7 easy steps to interpret your dreams by yourself" very useful. It will guide you and give you examples. The beautiful thing though is that you really DON'T have to interpret your dreams, unless you want to.

If you are getting a good night sleep, your subconscious mind will very likely to cooperate with you and provide you answers, Aha's, books will fall on your heads (so watch out ;-)) because the messages are going to be coming, just keep your awareness open and allow yourself to attract the solutions.

If the day after you've done the above work you diminish its power by allowing skepticism or optimism to take place, you are closing the doors and the solutions you are expecting to find will have a challenge to enter your life.

For now, until the next time you go to sleep and until you decide to interpret a dream or two or more, I suggest, you keep a notebook and a pen right next to your bed side. When you wake up, as soon as you can, write down whatever you remember from your dream. Make sure to do that close to wake up time because you know how it is, we tend to forget most of our dreams as the day progresses.

Now remember that even though you may not yet know how to interpret your dream, you may still get some messages in other ways like I mentioned above. So just keep your mind, eyes, ears, heart, and intuition open, to notice when the messages are in front of you.

* * * * * * * *

I would love to read your comments, tell me how you liked this post, tell me what you are planning to do with this information, ask questions and come back to share what have opened up for you.

Meanwhile, many blessings to you and may you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.
Much Love,

Sigal Zoldan
Founder of Infinite Realities International- Holistic Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Results Coach
& Forensic Healer

Sigal incorporating these modalities in her practice: Foot & Handwriting Analysis, The Grinberg Method, Past Life Regression, Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Neurological Repatterning, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Forensic Healing and more. To learn more about Sigal and her work visit

DISCLAIMER: This blog and it's content does not purport to offer any medical, psychological, therapeutic, religious, or other professional advice to users. The purpose of IRI programs, audios and diagnostic tools is for Vocational or Avocational Self-improvement. Participants are responsible for their own actions and results. Information provided within this program is of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace "traditional" mental health counseling/therapy services. If you have questions or concerns about your physical and/or mental health, please contact your family physician and/or licensed mental health professional in your area.


How To Program Your Mind To Solve Your Problems While Sleeping — 26 Comments

  1. Awesome Joel. I tried it again in the last few nights. I have lots of dreams.
    I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

  2. Great article! I can't wait to try the method for putting my subconscious mind to work solving problems while I'm sleeping.

  3. Thanks for sharing Maureen. I’m glad it help. I appreciate you stopping by. It’s OK not to share all the private stuff 🙂

  4. This worked for me, although I can't share it here as it is not solely my story to tell. An additional effect was that I was clearer and more focused in my thoughts and work the following day.


  5. Hi Sigal,

    I visited here as you suggested from the Lisa Sasevich forum. And I must say, I am most impressed with your blog and your obvious knowledge. I look forward to trying your suggested approach and further following your work.



  6. Awesome!!! Have been following these steps for about a week and have seen results already. 🙂

  7. Good luck Dreamer, come back to share with us how was your experience.
    🙂 Sigal.

  8. Thanks for everyone who placed a comment so far.
    I just drew the raffle and Cassie won one of my audios. Cassie, you already won one. Let me know which one you wish to get this time.

    For anyone else who wishes to get into the raffle:
    1. Subscribe to my blog.
    2. Leave as many comments as you’d like on my blog posts.
    3. Each time you will leave a comment, your name will get into the raffle. So if you leave me 5 comments on 5 blogs, your name will get into the raffle 5 times.
    4. Each month, on the 1st of the month I will draw the raffle and notified the winner.

    Many Blessings & Good luck 🙂

  9. That is good news!!
    I was thinking of your mom last night and this morning. There is someone that I’m connected with on Facebook (I don’t know her well yet) but had a thought to see if she may be of help since she is a psychic medium. If you know of a medical intuitive, many times they can give a clue to what system in the body needs attention and it’s that n option to bring it up with the doctors. If you wish, we can also do forensic healing to bring up the details and do healing on your mom. She doesn’t need to be present in the session, you only want her agreement. You can either surrogate for her, or we can do it where we’d be bypassing you and do it directly – long distance on her (without the supererogation) 🙂

    Thanks for coming back and sharing this.
    You now get to participate in the raffle twice 🙂 so the chance of winning the audios are higher.
    Blessing to you and your mom.

  10. Thanks Janelle,
    Come back and let me know how it goes.
    It’s pretty fascinating!!

  11. Hi Sigal,
    I our differences!  How boring would it be if we were all the same.  🙂
    I used your 3x method last night to use my dreams to help heal my mother.  … I actually did this 3 times (for a total of 9) as I kept thinking I was headed to sleep and then got interrupted by phone and animals.  lol
    I woke in the middle of the night thinking of my mother, wondering if I'd helped her.  Certainly, my dream said so.
    In the morning, my mother told me how in the middle of the night she coughed up a large amount of fluid.  It was quite a dramatic event and she needed assistance with a nurse.  However, after she began to breathe better.
    So, I'd say your method works well with my methods.  Peanut butter met jelly.

    This is awesome. i will definately try it.
    I think that all the stuff you do is brilliant.

  13. Hi,
    Thank you for your blog. I've been using a similar technique (just asking and go to bed) but I think I'll try yours.
    Specially adding the 4th phrase. =)
    Have a great day,

  14. Thanks for the share Patricia.
    It is so much fun to accomplish a goodnight sleep.
    Peace and blessings to the cows, your neighbor and you 🙂
    BTW, If you would be willing to share which sentences you came up with, that would be great. That way others may resonate with it and may want to use it too.

    Blessings to you,

  15. Hi Sigal,

    I was very excited to be reminded of the sometimes forgotten subconscious mind… 

    Having said that, I do clear a lot of my own issues being closely connected to my spiritual and emotional aspects of myself.  I  have seen the power of my subconscious mind bring up a lot of hidden memories…  So I do understand it's power.

    Just a little background to why I was so excited when I saw your post on NLP.  Our neighbouring farmer kindly asked if he could plug his fence charger into the outside electrical outlet of our home, to keep his cows safely inside the fenced area, which is adjacent to our property.  This was about a month ago. 

    As soon as he plugged in the fence charger,  I felt the pulsing waves of the electrical magnetic field.  I thought I would get used to it, but unfortunately I did not..  Soon afterwards I started waking up in the middle of the night and I could not go back to sleep.  His cows have since moved.  YAY!!

    Last night after being reminded about using the subconscious mind in a positive way I decided to try out your method..  I just made up my own wording, repeated it three times, and I had six hours sleep, which is the longest sleep I have had to date. 

    I am so happy it worked.  I am totally hooked now.  Thanks for sharing your amazing 3 easy steps… YAY!!


  16. Thanks for stopping by Mikki. I would assume that everyone want a beautiful life yet sometimes it takes work (event saying 3 simple sentences before going to sleep :-))

    Blessings to you,

  17. Hi Sigal, 
    Thanks for your clear post.  Our subconscious is a very powerful friend or foe.  Doesn't everyone want a beautiful life . . . and doesn't it start with a dream for a beautiful future. 

  18. Thanks for the comment Cassie, recording your dream is another great way. It’s funny how we are so different…when I wake up in the morning it is easier for me to write than to speak, yet for others it’s exactly the opposite. Everyone utilizes whatever works best for them and it’s always fun to have options.


  19. When I do shamanic work with dreams, intent is the very first thing that is clarified.  I have not used this 3x method, so I am going to see how that changes things for me and will report what happens to you.
    I use my dreams for healing (myself and others) and to solve problems.  One method that helps (and I've stopped doing… and am reminded by sharing this, that I need to do it again), is to record my dreams upon waking.  After I log the dream, I then give it a simple title.  Titling helps clarify the main message or point of the dream.
    Regarding your article, I very much like the inclusion of the intent to have a peaceful sleep.  Why not get one's healing in a peaceful way?
    I look forward to reading about your dream interpretation methods.

  20. Radha, thanks for your comment.
    It can guide you in any area that you wish to receive guidance. Of course, this method is not replacing any therapy and if you have a physical issue you should visit your health care provider. In addition of taking responsible action it can be beneficial for you to ask for guidance from other realms like the subconscious mind, spirituality, other dimensions, angels, spiritual guides, etc. So yes, work with this tool to ask for solutions to your issues, and listen to the messages. Hear and mind, intuition and logic, find the balance that allows you to walk on the path to the life of your dreams.

    Blessings 🙂

  21. I am very sorry Sigal, I have missed on some information that you have asked for so,  here they are … 
    Sigal, to me your blog is very interesting, very clear and will certainly help me to regain lost self confidence.  I plan to follow your guidance so that it will be a habit and would help me to solve my financial problems.  
    Please can you let me know if this method could be applied to over come physical changes / damages inside the body?
    And lastly, if we dream always (every single night) in our sleep or at random?  
    Heaps of Thanks and Untold Blessings Sigal!



    My thoughts and comment,  on your blog: 
    Sigal, (to me) your blog is very :
    (1)  interesting,
    (2) very clear and
    (3) will certainly help me to regain lost confidence!  

    Thank you VERY much and Immense Blessings!


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