How To Raise Your Vibrations And Enjoy Your Life Every Day

For many years I have been trying to achieve certain goals and bumped into plenty of moments where are I felt frustration. Having the intention to live my life from a space of joy, happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction, I didn’t want to find myself taking more and more actions only to find myself exhausted at the end of the day, week, month, year and even decade.

Some Results Come With A Price – Are You The Kind Of Person That Will Sacrifice One Area of Your Life To Get Results In Another Area?

I wanted to get results and that’s the exact thing I want for my clients yet I don’t want just any results and I don’t want to pay a price on the way. We’ve all heard stories about people who succeeded financially but paid with their health or with their relationships. Or people who were so into a relationship, giving, devoting, carrying, putting themselves last only to find this emptiness waiting for them. It’s not what I wanted and I’m sure it’s not what you want.

No Matter How Much Action I Took, I Wasn't Necessarily Accomplishing Results

In my daily self-development/healing work (and I’m specifically talking about shedding off my own layers that hold me back) I discovered that no matter how much action I take, there isn’t necessarily a correlation between that and my results. I actually noticed that the less I work, the more I vacate and take time off, the more I meditate and enjoy myself and my time, the more results are showing up. Don’t you find that interesting? I know I did. Yet, I couldn’t really explain how that happens.

In 2005 when I participated in T.Harv Eker’s (Peak Potential Training) The Millionaire Mind Intensive, I’ve learned that every thought leads to a feeling and every feeling leads to an action and every action leads to results. The two illustrations below explains it clearly.

* * * * * * * *

If you wish to add Harv’s book to your wisdom library (which I highly recommend you do) just click here or on the image of the book. The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is written in an easy to understand language, has many great and very simple ideas that my husband and I are still using on a daily basis that help us managing our finances.

* * * * * * * *

Our thoughts come from the past. They come from the day before, the week before, the year before, the decade before, the life time before this time

We think a thought based on what we see, hear, experience and then we store it in our brain’s subconscious catalog. You probably noticed that each day we think thoughts that are very similar to the thoughts we had the previous day and so those “same” thoughts will only bring more of the same thoughts, more of the same feelings, actions and therefore, more of the same results. Since some of our thoughts we are conscious about and others we are not conscious about, the goal would be to start becoming more conscious about some of our subconscious thoughts, those that are holding us back on the way to our desired results and convert them to thoughts that will support the outcome.

Become Aware Of (Some) Of Your Subconscious Thoughts So you can Shift Them To Help You Through The Process Of Manifestation Create Your Desired Outcomes.

So when our desire is to shift the results, we must shift our thoughts first and that may not be new to you, but what I'd like to emphasize is that we mustn’t stop there. It’s only the beginning, just by shifting our thoughts; the results may still not show up.  And one of the main reasons why the results aren’t showing up is because of vibrations. You see, I tried that formula I am sharing with you here (Thought-Feeling-Action-Results) since I’ve learned it, I saw some results and I've grown tremendously, yet it was lots of work just by itself. It’s a great paradigm to live by, but there is a deeper layer that is extremely important not only to understand but also to implement and practice on a moment to moment basis.

Ready To Dive a Little Deeper Into The Rabbit Hole Of Manifestation?

Then let me put a magnifying glass on this "thing" we call emotions. You may have heard in the self-development, Law Of Attraction world about vibrations.

Vibrations are the emotional frequencies that we are offering based on the thoughts
(mostly subconscious thoughts) that we think.

The vibrations are the factor that acts like a magnet and brings into your experience what you are asking for. That’s why visualizations work, yet they work when one is visualizing and activating the feelings that the images (or sounds, tastes, smells) are triggering in them.

Feelings of exhilaration, joy, excitement, peace and so forth. Visualization is one tool that can help you raise your vibration and I encourage you to designate time each day to bask in what you wish to manifest. There are more ways to raise your vibrations and I will get to that soon.

So the bottom line is that you want to feel good as often as you can so you can manifest the same desired emotions as frequently as you’d like.

That is not to say that you’ll never experience frustration, sadness or overwhelm, you probably will, you are human and as human beings we want to have access to a variety of emotions to guide us, to help us choose between the emotions (that are a part of the path to manifesting your desires) that we’d like to experience and the ones that we don’t. So when you do get frustrated, sad or overwhelmed, you are easily able to:
1.    Recognize that you feel the way you feel.
2.    Choose whether you would like to stay there (or not)
3.    Be able to shift to a desired emotion that would be more aligned with your desires.
And the result is that by doing the 3 above you shifted your vibrations.

So now that you have more of a perspective what your emotions hold for you, I’m sure you would like to know what you can do to raise your vibrations on a daily basis. And I do like to emphasize the DAILY BASIS, because the more consistent you are with doing these things every day, the more your vibrations will raise and

The Things That Used To Bug You In The Past Will Become Less And Less Of An Issue.

I have compiled a list of things you can do to raise your emotional vibrations. From spiritual, energetic, to practical physical things you can start doing today. If you are not already doing some of them, I suggest you choose 2 things from the list that feel easy and get into the habit of doing those for 2, 3 weeks. Then add another way of raising your vibration from this list or maybe even two more until all of these become your daily ritual (some of them weekly or every two weeks) to take care of your vibrational frequencies.

You want to build on success, and raising your emotional frequencies will be a process, so relax and enjoy getting there.

In the coming weeks I will add more blog-posts that elaborate on some of these topics, but for now I just want to give you the summary of the different things you can start doing and if you have specific questions feel free to post a comment and ask.
Some of the ways mentioned here can be done a few times a week, or on a weekly, by-weekly, or every two-week basis, just listen to yourself and your needs. The ones in yellow highlight are best to employ every day)

So here we go:

1. Express appreciation.
Expressing appreciation will move you from judging your current circumstances, other people, and yourself. Each time you will express appreciation you will overwrite the script of your life that brings you more of what you do not want.
Exercise: Close your day each night with thinking to yourself or saying out loud what you appreciate in your life (your bed, your linens, the moon, the quiet, the rest time you are about to have, your car, your breath and on and on you can go. And in the morning, before you get out of bed, with your eyes open or closed do the same thing (appreciate the sun/rain, the new day, being alive, the good night sleep, and so forth).

2. Minimize exposure to negative people.
Negative people who complain or just have a negative vibe do not contribute to your health, life and happiness; in fact they do the exact opposite. I let relationship in my life go because I felt that by staying in those relationship I am holding myself back and I just not the kind of person that will pretend. There were some relationships (mainly with family) where I didn’t choose to cut contact with people, my family values are high, yet, I found new ways to be with them, ways where I don’t sacrifice myself and who I am, ways where I choose to see them less. Saying no at times based on where I am emotionally. So I mainly listen to myself and make choices and choose people that uplift me and contribute to my life. You can do that too.

3. Condition yourself to positive thinking.
I’ve learned the rubber band technique at the Millionaire Mind Intensive. Put a rubber band around your wrist, each time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, snap the rubber band 3 times 9yes, your wrist will be a bit red), then kiss that spot and say to yourself “I love you”. You will be making a body-mind connection and you’ll start thinking less and less negative thoughts. Just a little note, take care of yourself, don’t hurt yourself, if you have too many negative thoughts to a point that there are no more spots left on your wrists to snap at, this may not be the right methodology for you. Remember, your actions are always your responsibility.

4. Clean your aura.
There is another great post that will take you step-by step, explaining, showing and huiding you how to do the aura cleans on your own. just
click here to get to the post.

5. Clarify what you want and keep a connection to your desires.
Take some time to sit with yourself (2-3 minutes) and simply look at your life, look at what you don’t want and write down what you would like instead. Then start visualizing it.

6. Visualize what you want.
Very simple, close your eyes (when you are able to do so) and step into the “movie” ‘picture” image” “sounds” and especially ‘the feeling place” of the life that you clarified to yourself that you desire.

7. Pray.
You may have your own way of praying already and if you feel that it is right for you then continue doing that. The most important thing in prayer is not to hold on to any concerns while you are doing it, because when you do, you release a vibration of concern and that brings more concerning results. Make sure that you are in a space of trust and that whoever you are praying for will answer your prayer.

8. Meditate.
If you never done that before, just sit with yourself in a quiet uninterrupted environment and focus your attention on your breath. Your thoughts will wonder and from time to time you will realize that you are not focusing on your breath but thinking thoughts, simply bring yourself back to focus on your breath again. You can start with 5 or 10 minutes a day and if you feel that you are drawn to do, 20, 30 minutes or even an hour, you can only gain. I got into the habit of sitting for 40 minutes a day (in one sitting) and after a while I reduced it to 30 minutes because I wanted to do other exercises. To me, it does feel now that 30 minutes are too quick…

9. Clear subconscious blocks.
Many of our subconscious blocks become our limiting beliefs. When we clear those we get to clear our subconscious blocks.
There is actually another blog-post that will shed more light on this one for you. Just click here to get there.

10. Exercise.
When you exercise you release endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in our brain that reduce our perception of pain. I’m sure you had exercised in your life and felt good after it. It’s because endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, very similar to that of morphine. It’s pretty fascinating! Endorphins perform as sedatives. They are manufactured in our brain, spinal cord, and many other parts of our bodies and are released in response to brain chemicals named “neurotransmitters”. The good news that these endorphins does not lead to addiction or dependence, like drugs would. I like my life better when I exercise, I love myself and my body more when I exercise. I choose exercises that I enjoy and I highly encourage you to do the same.

11. Reduce toxicity exposure and detoxify.
This is a blog topic by itself, I am not going to elaborate on this one today, so make sure to check back in and if you are very eager I’m sure you’ll find lots of info on the web.

12. Eat foods that support your well being.
It’s not the first time you are hearing this, a diet that is based on organic, green, lots of vegetables, low on sugars, wheat, gluten and probably dairy too will do only good things for you. Your body is your temple, if you are struggling with this one and you are not able to get into the diet habits you desire, reach out, there are ways to condition yourself and make it easy for you to stick with what you want for your health, longevity and vitality. We eat mostly based on emotions, when you know what emotion your “needed” food is trying to cover and you know how to process fully that emotion, there is no need for a cover any longer. I will have a blog post designated for this topic by a good friend of mine who is a holistic nutritionist.

13. Drink filtered/purified water and drink enough.
Our bodies contain more than 70% water. Water washes our system and helps us to stay hydrated and by that prevent headaches. I’ve read recently that after just a week of drinking a healthy amount of water we can have good effects on our skin. I actually got better throughout the years with this habit. Sometimes I will set up a timer on my iPhone to remind me to drink every 90 minutes because I know I’ll be occupied with something and may forget.  

14. Spend time in nature or outside to charge.
The connection with the outdoors reduces stress, gives us a sense of coherence and belonging, it improves self-confidence and self-discipline; it reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Some of us may be missing certain vitamins that we get through our skin by getting some exposure to the sun. When we are missing those vitamins our body weakens and gives rise to depression, stress and anxiety to form. When we desire to raise our vibrations so we can live a more joyous-fulfilling life, we must remember that we do live in a physical body and this body has to have balance in order to keep us in alignment.

15. Incorporate energy healing.
Either work with a practitioner or conduct healing on yourself. Healing will bring you more and more to a state of alignment. The more alignment you experience the easy it is to cope with life. Here is another blog-post you can enjoy about the 4 areas of alignment.

* * * * * * * *

I would love to hear from you what you are already doing on a consistent basis, which two are you choosing to start getting into the habit of doing. Please leave your comments, tell me how you liked this post, ask a question and come back to share what have opened up for you.

And until we meet again, infinite blessings to you. May you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.
Much Love,

Sigal Zoldan
Founder of Infinite Realities International- Holistic Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Results Coach
& Forensic Healer

Sigal incorporating these modalities in her practice: Foot & Handwriting Analysis, The Grinberg Method, Past Life Regression, Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Neurological Repatterning, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Forensic Healing and more. To learn more about Sigal and her work visit

DISCLAIMER: This blog and it's content does not purport to offer any medical, psychological, therapeutic, religious, or other professional advice to users. The purpose of IRI programs, audios and diagnostic tools is for Vocational or Avocational Self-improvement. Participants are responsible for their own actions and results. Information provided within this program is of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace "traditional" mental health counseling/therapy services. If you have questions or concerns about your physical and/or mental health, please contact your family physician and/or licensed mental health professional in your area.


How To Raise Your Vibrations And Enjoy Your Life Every Day — 13 Comments

  1. You are welcome Randy.
    Another add on is – take the word “try” away. I’d say, DECIDE. It’s much more empowering, when we try we succeed in the attempt, we don’t succeed with the out come, say: “I’ll do my best”.
    As you know we think in language and pictures so word your intentions in away that will bring you the outcomes that you desire.

    Enjoy 🙂

  2. thank you very much for your feed back, it makes sense now. unwanted emotions should guid me and teach me to understand myself and this world. i notice when this unwanted emotions rise i try to quickly resolve them. i dont want negetivity in my life, no body does so next time i have this feelings ill try to look at them from another perspective.thanks

  3. Randy you are exactely wehre you need to be (you already know that, I know you do), you have done an amazing journey thus far and I’m sure you wouldn’t stop here. YOU ARE on the right track!

    With that said I am very aware of those times where some what doubtful emotions  are surfacing up. Everyone has those (yep, me too 😉 )
    All you need to do is to change the way you look at those emotions. Instead of looking at them from a perspective from an “unwanted emotions” (which of course you don’t want) start looking at the emotion as a guiding system.

    They are here to show you something, ask yourself,
    “what is this emotion wanting to show me, that if I’d learn, I wouldn’t need to spend too long in trying to figured it out and I can shift to a more pleasant emotion…”?

    To answer your question: “what can I do to improve, relax and rise my vibration to hold good emotions to bring them to my reality? !”
    Let me ask you this – from all the items that I mentioned on the above list, which ones are you not incorporating in your routine?

    Start there and see what happens. Yet do it with the awarness and perspective that your emotions are always here to show you the way so ALLOW, ALLOW ALLOW them to guide you.

    Infinite Blessings,
    And PS: if you are on Facebook you will enjoy the inspirational posts on my page feel free to like it.

  4. Recently I feel like I been going through important steps to reach my higher consciousness, the understanding and knowing of sacred geometry, vibrations, emotions&thoughts, inner earth, higher dimensions, 7 chakras, healing crystals, and meditation. At time I feel overwhelmed by all this thoughts and feelings while going through my transformation.I know it will take time before reaching that place but I know im well on my way. It has open my mind  and spirtuality sensitivity. I understand that thoughts creates emotions and those emotions create a vibration, a frequency that leads to actions that pulls the law of attraction, and eventually manifest into your physical reality but even with this great knowledge im still experiencing negitive emotions?! My thoughts really try to be positive and happy , I even find visualization very inspiring and a useful technique, but the emotions are coming some what doubtful. i catch my self sometimes having unwanted emotions. its not all bad though I have improved very much previous to learning about all this, maybe its just me being impatient but what can I do to improve, relax and rise my vibration to hold good emotions to bring them to my reality? !

  5. Love this post Sigal, especially the process of  manifestion chart and the chained elephant- (1,000 words)

    Eager to check out more of your blog.

    Will bookmark-  Thanks!!

  6. This is what a laziness can do.. hahaha i love your image about manifestation.. on a negative note.. maybe i just laugh at it because i can relate…. always failed on my diet because of laziness… 😀

  7. Great post Sigal! Nice to confirm although results speak for themselves, that I am on right track with my work/play in all of these areas!  Blessings xoxoxxo

  8. Anita, if you are familiar with the way elephants are trained to be conditioned to do certain things in circus’ (which I don’t like the abuse part of it, yet, this teaches us something) using the rubber band technique is similar. It's all about conditioning

  9. Great work compiling the list Sigal 🙂
    I have not heard of the rubber band before so I'm going to give that a go!
    Thanks xx

  10. This is a super list!  Thank you for the reminder of the many ways we can effect our lives in a positive manner.  So great to know we have many choices in our life-toolbox to empower our journey.

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