Practical Tips For Freeing Yourself From Negative Relationships

Negative relationships can be very VERY draining. We all have at least one or two and usually more people in our life that are not bringing us much joy and on a worst case scenario actually contribute to our suffering.
holding headIf it’s once in a while this happens and you are able to let it go, then it’s not that terrible. But sometimes we are in a position where we must engage in negative relationships and we don’t know how to change it. So if you have landed on my blog, I bet you are ready to truly free yourself from negative relationships.

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Aura Cleanse –The Amazing Benefits of Cleaning Your Energy Field

flashinga.u.r.a.pngIf you are on the path of self-healing, raising your vibrations and putting an end to being disempowered, then you will just love raising your vibrations with this simple technique of clearing your aura. It's super easy and could be extremely beneficial for you.

In the video below, I am sharing what the aura is and how you can clean your aura by yourself. You've probably heard by now that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, so after you watch the video (or before) make sure to find out what the benefits of cleaning your aura are. I included them for you on this blog.

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How To Raise Your Vibrations And Enjoy Your Life Every Day

For many years I have been trying to achieve certain goals and bumped into plenty of moments where are I felt frustration. Having the intention to live my life from a space of joy, happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction, I didn’t want to find myself taking more and more actions only to find myself exhausted at the end of the day, week, month, year and even decade.

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Past Life Regression Session With Brian L. Weiss From the Comfort of Your Home

One of the greatest tools I love incorporating in my personal healing and professional healing is Past Life Regression. Whether you are new to Past Life Regression or already explored journeying into your past lives, you may want first to stop by an earlier blog-post I wrote about my personal experience with Past Life Regression by clicking here. A part of what I’m sharing is how I encounter Past Life Regression and how it helped me to finally find the one who I’ll be happy to be married to :-).

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How To Release Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back From Achieving Your Goals

If you have a goal or two that you have been trying to accomplish for quite some time and whatever you tried didn’t really get you there you are probably ready, I mean really ready to achieve it.

The confident I have in claiming that is because you are in fact reading these lines right now. It means that you are attracting to yourself information and most likely actively seeking on the web for the tools that will help you, FINALLY, accomplished that goal.

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Financial Success and Financial Freedom – What They Didn’t Teach You in School

Cracking the financial success code.

These days, everyone is looking into ways to crack the financial success code, make more money, increase their income, enjoy financial freedom and become financially secured. In any given day this thought would run through one's mind at least once if not more: “I want to make more money.” It doesn’t matter on which side of the fence you are: whether you are currently broke; do not have a job; have a job but don’t feel like it’s enough; have a job but are not pleased and want to start something that you are more passionate about; have a large or small debt and feel like you are held back by it; you are being taken care of by a spouse or a family member and you are not making money via your own efforts (i.e. being dependent on someone or a fixed income); and the list just goes on and on. You want to make more money or else you wouldn’t be reading this blog-post.

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7 Easy Steps To Interpret Dreams By Yourself

Anyone that wishes to communicate effectively with their subconscious mind can interpret dreams by themselves. Our subconscious mind communicates with us through dreams. When we are interested in understanding the subconscious communication and especially when we desire to solve a problem, an on-going issue or a challenge, what a wonderful way to use by ourselves, simply to interpret dreams. Years ago I acquired some books that had lists of symbols in them and I thought that I was learning how to interpret dreams correctly but when I attended my Hypnotherapy collage as well as my NLP training, I discovered that what I believed was the right way to interpret dreams was actually not as conducive as I desired it to be. I wanted to interpret dream in an effective way and I also wanted my clients to be able to interpret dreams on their own. Continue reading

How To Program Your Mind To Solve Your Problems While Sleeping

Each night when we go to sleep we have a wonderful window of opportunity to take care of some problem that we are experiencing. You see, while we sleep we rest our conscious mind, and as that happens, our subconscious mind is doing its roll in processing the events of the day, categorizing them in the subconscious mind’s  folders AND also, helping us to process and “digest”, give us clues and action step through dreams.

Many books have been written about dream interpretation but not all of them are created equal. The reason is that one person may interpret symbols in one way and another in a different way, so actually, dream interpretation is a very individual process, but I’ll get to that later. Continue reading

The Secret Connection Between Your Health, Wealth & Love life

I'm sure that you are like many other people have asked yourself how you can move forward in life. All of us are in the same boat, we want to get somewhere and yet we find that most of the time we are journeying and not as much arriving to the desired destinations. Most of us are finding that finances, relationships and health are the main three core aspects of life that need our attention on a daily basis. Continue reading

Over 100 Great Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season And Beyond

Over 100 ideas for gifts!!
This holiday season and any other time of the year.

If you click on some of the images they will take you to sources where you can further explore.
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