Holiday Stress? How To Have A Peaceful Holiday With Your Loved Ones

There Is A Way To Spend Time With Your Loved Ones And Not Get Into Anxiety Or Stress Mode
Yes.  A Very Fun Way, Read Below.

We all know that getting together with our family and loved ones can be a stressful time. Even though we love them so much and wish them all the best (in most cases) it is not easy (on an emotional level) to gather and have a good time. There are only a very few people who get along with everyone in their family and that their "buttons" are well oiled so nothing is really being triggered, but if you are one of those people you would probably be on a different blog right now.

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Different people experience the stress in different ways. Some do not sleep as well, feel  physically sick or get moody.  It is no wonder that it's like this. There is so much to do and that's in addition to what we are already doing; getting gifts in time, spending money (that maybe haven't been saved ahead of time), packing (if we travel), decorating, wrapping gifts, sending cards and the the list doesn't stop there.

So instead of making this post a very long one I want to share with you right away something that has helped me for a few years now. It will take you about 20 minutes and you can use it right before you go to sleep tonight or tomorrow night (even if you are already with your family. IT WORKS! just like magic!

Several years ago I created a very sweet and relaxing guided visualization that is called "Peace and Bliss With Family & Friends", I used to sell it but now I am giving it here for free.

If you have never listened to a guided visualization, this will be your first (and healthy) treat. If you are already actively using visualizations in your routine then you can add this one to your collection. When I said before that it works just like magic, what I meant by that is that this visualization is speaking to your subconscious, so you are actually conditioning yourself to be peaceful and relaxed with your family or loved ones. That way, when you are with them, you will most likely find yourself more relaxed, calm and in a space of joy.


In order for that to happen you must listen to it at least once when you are in a quiet environment with no interruptions. Each time you listen the messages will sink deeper. So I suggest listening to it in the next 3-4 days once a day. But in any case, start with the first time. It will take you about 15 minutes. All you need to do is lie down, hit the play button, close your eyes and dive in, just let my voice lead you to having peace and bliss with family and friends.

Keep this audio download for next year and for every other family or social occasion that you might feel stressed about. Before the event, listen 2-3 times and you'll notice that your old reactions are not triggered like they used to be.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Make Sure To Never Listen To The Above Audio While Driving Or Operating Any Kind Of Machine That Requires Your Concentration

Please come back and leave me a comment after you have listened to the audio, let me know how you experienced your time with your loved ones this year having listened to Peace and Bliss with Family and Friends.

Happy Holidays and Many Blessings for The New Year.

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It’s a 4-minute mind exercise that will keep you from getting stuck and will put you in the kind of mode that will make you take action.

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On one of our calls I shared with the members how they can get into the habit of

Letting Go Of What They Do Not Need.

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In my work and personal evolution I have bumped into many moments that I have perceived as negative. We are meaning-making machines, and, since we are, why not choose a meaning that is more positive and empowering?

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The Habit of Making Powerful Choices.

Everyday I find myself in a position where I need to make choices. From what I’ll cook for dinner, or where we’ll dine out, to where to invest my time and money and what would be the next step in my business.

For as long as I can remember myself, each time prior to making a choice there were a few things that were important to me:

– That I’d feel complete about it.

– That I and others would be happy about it
  (meaning, that I don’t
intend to hurt anyone,
  even though some people
   feel hurt).

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