Persuasive Copywriting Tips by “Spiritual Copy”

Aaron is excellent in picking the RIGHT WORDS,
and bringing them in front of the RIGHT PEOPLE.

Watch Aaron’s short video here.

My dear friend and colleague Joshuah “Aaron” Stanly is very skilled with words. Aaron helped me to put together the copy for my website (feel free to check what he did).

I know that sometimes it is clear to YOU what your message is, who YOU can help, but when you share it with others, they either say: “interesting” or “good for you” or if you are in network marketing, they might say (at least in their own mind) “another network marketer”…

I was looking to communicate with others what I do through the internet. So Aaron showed up! (Thank God he did) or I wouldn’t have been reading this blog right now. When I met Aaron I didn’t have a website nor a clear message. Within a few weeks my copy to my landing page (landing page= a single webpage like this click here) was done. I started to promote it proactively and at that time I was directing those that visited it to my next free teleseminar. Now anyone who wished to learn about how marketing truly start in the Subconscious Mind, can simply download the recorded audio for free through visiting my website

So if you are bumping into some chalenges regarding what your message should be or how to effectively targeted it online I highly recommend you to get yourself familiar with The spiritual copywriter Joshuah “Aaron” Stanly.

…wishing you Powerful Habits Of Success.

Sigal Zoldan
Transformational Specialist

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