Positive Affirmation – Is it really that simple?

positive affirmations1Yes it is!! But there is a little secret that you must know. The secret is in how to use an affirmation in an effective way. Not every affirmation will do the trick, and even if you’ll jump high and scream loader it still might not work. There is a big difference between feeding your conscious mind with affirmation vs. your subconscious mind and when you don't know the difference you might do the work but not see results (To learn more about the difference click here).With affirmation it is all about reprogramming.

There are a couple of things I’d like to share with you that will make the use of affirmationst so simple for you and above all will allow you to enjoy your manifestations sooner than later (or not at all…).

The first thing is

keep calm and simple

And this is what I mean by that:
If you’ll focus just on one affirmation vs. trying to change your whole life with many affirmations at one time, there is a greater chance that it will work for you!!

Think of it like a laser beam. If you project a laser beam into one specific location and you keep it there for a few seconds, the laser beam will cut through it. (watch the power of a laser beam)

The same thing with focusing your mind on a single powerful affirmation and projecting it to your mind at a very specific time (more about the time below) and in a very specific way.

I'd like to share with you the affirmation that Marla designed for herself (based on the guidelines she downloaded here) and the results that occurred for her:

affirmation-desired jobThe affirmation:

"I trust the adequate job for my needs is revealed to me and acquired by me."

Marla wrote this affirmation down every night as instructed for about 10 consecutive nights. In addition to that she kept sending a few resumes each day to different companies that she was interested in getting an interview with.

The Results:

Within less than two weeks Marla shared with me that she found what she was looking for. The hours, the flexibility, the distance from home, many variables worked for her. This affirmation came after 5 months of searching for a job that will both fit her needs and pay according to her expectations. Marla actually got more than what she imagined besides that Marla got a mentor that will guide her personally how to model his system so Marla wouldn't need to go through too many loops while getting into her new role.

So you see, Marla understood the power of a single affirmation. She followed the simple steps (click here for the step) and she produces results.


So basically all you need to do is:

1. Think of something that you’d like to see changed in your life.

2. Write it down in the most concise sentence possible.

3. Rewrite it in a positive way, in the present tense and make it empowering (to learn more how to make it empowering click here)

4. Just before going to sleep (why? Click here) write the affirmation you designed with your non dominant hand (why? Click here).

5. Repeat the process for the next two weeks (unless what you wrote has already changed and now you can move to a new affirmation).

Enjoy, and please come back to share
with me how it worked for you.

dream a dream by steave and lou


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  1. Sigal, you are a breath of fresh air, you have a kind heart, thank you for all you do for us every day, my life has improved since I started listening to your audios, I look forward to experiencing your positive affirmations, create a great week.

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