The Most Effective Way To Use Affirmations

Affirmations...You've probably heard about affirmations and maybe you used a few in your daily life. If it worked for you then great! Continue doing what you've done. However if you heard about other people that used them and it worked for them but not for you then maybe you didn't use them in the most effective ways. Powerful affirmation is something that is not only simple to create but you can do it successfully by yourself, starting in just a few minutes.

Did you know that:


I am using affirmations for years. In the beginning I didn't really know what I was doing. I didn't know how to use affirmations in a way that will have me to achieve the results I was looking for.

For along time I affirmed:
"I will attract the right guy for me". One day I attended a lecture and the lady there said that we must state it in the present tense or else we WILL never get it because we are affirming in the future. So I've learned, but it took a long time until the next tip came and the next one. And all this time I had a strong belief that this affirmation thing should work. I didn't give up but I was puzzled, why wasn't it working for me.

Never state Affirmation in future

All of that happened before I took my professional training and combined it with my personal experience. When I did,  I felt that I had a complete picture of how to make it work.

Here is a short video that will make sense of it all for you:

Tapping into the power of your subconscious mind can become a daily habit. You can train yourself, BY YOURSELF!! Because once you have the understanding that every thought that we think has an impulse, that the impulse that is traveling in the brain produces chemical reactions = the emotions that we experience (and this is what is putting the law of Attraction into Action by the way), and having the formula of how to structure a powerful affirmation then you've actually tapped into your subconscious mind EFFECTIVELY!

have faith w affirmations
Even though I didn't see any major results yet…this knowledge I share with you on the video allowed me to keep on having the faith that I intuitively had all along about affirmations.

After taking my professional trainings, I followed 3 guidelines that made the affirmation so powerful. Together with my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) training,Clinical hypnosis and other body mind work that I've done, I put together the Success-Shift™ Affirmations. The 6 simple and practical steps will help anyone who implements them manifest quicker and easier what they desire.

The most important things you want to know about affirmations are:

best time to use affirmations


What the best time of the day to utilize affirmations is.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Affirmation design


How to design affirmations in the most effective way.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

do not ring

What exactly you should do with them in order to achieve the desired results ASAP (vs. what not to do with them)…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's true that I didn't manifest everything I want in life. Yet, I am grateful to have this tool and every period of time I choose a specific area in my life in which I'd like to create there a shift and I utilize the Success-Shift™ Affirmations to help me with that.

If you are reading this blog and you have not taken advantage of the Success-Shift™ Affirmations yet I'll be happy to share it with you for free  just click here and in a few minutes it will be delivered to your email box.

If you already have the Success-Shift™ Affirmations, whether you have worked with them or not, please feel free to comment, ask me any questions, post your affirmations so others can learn from you and be inspired as well as comment on them and suggest ways to improve them.

Enjoy manifesting your heart desires
with the
Success-Shift™ Affirmations tool.

One of my clients reported to me after using this tool in less than 2 weeks that he got a huge passive income project that will continue producing revenue for him for the rest of his life.

And I can tell you that from my own personal experience using this little simple tool, I found my husband within a month after starting to use the Success-Shift™ Affirmations, after years of searching for the right one for me.
Feel free to read below some of the comments that have been collected here throughout time. People asked questions and requested to receive feedback on their affirmations, you can learn and get inspired by what other posted.

* * * * * * * *

At this point I am no longer giving anymore feedback on affirmations. If you would like personal review on your affirmations you may purchase a personal consult. 15 minutes review for $35 ot 30 minutes for $65.
Please transfer the desired amount via
Paypal and then email me to schedule time to talk.

Meanwhile, many blessings to you and may you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.
Much Love,

Sigal Zoldan
Founder of Infinite Realities International- Holistic Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Results Coach
& Forensic Healer

Sigal incorporating these modalities in her practice: Foot & Handwriting Analysis, The Grinberg Method, Past Life Regression, Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Neurological Repatterning, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Forensic Healing and more. To learn more about Sigal and her work visit

DISCLAIMER: This blog and it's content does not purport to offer any medical, psychological, therapeutic, religious, or other professional advice to users. The purpose of IRI programs, audios and diagnostic tools is for Vocational or Avocational Self-improvement. Participants are responsible for their own actions and results. Information provided within this program is of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace "traditional" mental health counseling/therapy services. If you have questions or concerns about your physical and/or mental health, please contact your family physician and/or licensed mental health professional in your area.


The Most Effective Way To Use Affirmations — 118 Comments

  1. Greetings & Hugs,
    Your invaluable inputs/insights/advice for taming the giant viz. subconscious mind. I would like your benign guidance for formulating an effective affirmation to fulfill my objectives which are placed below for your ready reference.  I would like my subconscious mind to bestow myself with the energy I need to fulfil my sexual prowess. deep, sound, tranquil sleep (like a baby).  I would like you to know that I am 40+ years of age.  How could I leverage the potential of my subconscious mind to fulfill an objective viz. to act in movies like a leading Mega Star. I am my ideal weight I want my subconscious mind to bestow myself with infinite wealth. With warm regards & in highest vibration of love, 

  2. Sounds great Evelyne,
    You are following all the steps in the PDF. 
    If these affirmations speak to you and make you feel good, they are yours!!


  3. Hello!

    Thank you for your help with my affirmations. I have written 2:

    1. I give thanks that the perfect job for my needs, skills and talents is revealed to me and acquired by me now.

    2. I thank you Heavenly Father that I have the right job, right now.

    I have also been writting: Money flows to me easily, frequently and abundantly. 

    Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your feedback on my affirmations.

    Evelyne x

  4. Dear Beth,
    You can use both affirmations. Some people try to work with 20 affirmations at a time. Yet 2-3 is wonderful. The brain can “digest” them.
    What you wrote sound tight on it.

    Remember that affirmations are a tool to put you in the right mind-set, action towards the results is still required.
    Please join me on my Faceboo page at From Pain To Freedom you can enjoy the weekly FB Live. it is all recorded.

    Infinite Blessings,
    Siga <3

  5.  Hi Sigal,

    Can 1 affirmation be used to help me with many other aspects of my life? For example, the affirmation you helped me with :" I release the feeling of anxiousness and transform it into trust" . I love this affirmation because I realized that This affirmation actually applies to almost every aspect of my life because I feel the anxiousness mindset pattern I've been practicing most of my life is what gets in the way of me being the person I want to be- confident, calm, peaceful, etc.

    So my question is should I be more specific with my affirmations or is it ok to stay broad?

    A more specific affirmation I was thinking of for when I don't see progress in myself when I'm expecting change to happen in my life immediately would be for ex: Everyday I'm feeling more and more accepting of myself just as I am. Or, I'm more accepting of myself each and everyday ? (I'm using this affirmation to help me not become frustrated with myself when things don't go how I want them to go.)

    Or should I just keep it simple and only use the first affirmation that you helped be with?


  6. Looks good Lino.
    I can feel your excitement. If you feel good and empowered by what you wrote, the go for it!!

  7. These are the affirmations I have been working on for a week.

    1. I am heavily, irresistable, and continously attracting my perfect soulmate/life partner who is spiritual, virgin, truthful, happy, caring to me, and is so beautiful to me. We are irresistably attracted to each other and we have perfect, successful, and happy relationship and marriage for the rest of our lives.
    2. I am the happiest, most successful, most respected, and most favored person in the world.

    3. Every moment is perfect, satisfying, and happy for me.

    Thank you for your input.

  8. I now attract my perfect soulmate/life partner who is spiritual, virgin, truthful, happy, faithful, loyal, caring, and is beautiful to me. We are irresistably attracted to each other and we now have perfect, happy, and successful relationship and marriage for the rest of our lives.

  9. Hello Amit,
    I’m no longer giving input for no charge on affirmations.
    My very best suggetion is to go over each of your affirmations with the PDF you donwloaded and make sure your affirmations are in alignment with what I guide you. If not, shift it until it resonates with you.

    Best of luck.

  10. Erin, it needs to start with I am, I have, I enhoy. You need to connect your affirmation to you.
    Never use future tense in your affirmation. When you do that, they stay in the future, never the present. Did you download the PDF? be sure to go over all the guildlines in the PDF and see that your affirmations follow those guidlines/

    get rid of the IF nad When, state exactly what you want is if it already happened.

    Much love.

  11. Afffirmation ~

    Peaceful sleep throughout the night. My thoughts wiill be light, airy, dreamy & clear.

    When I awake after a full nights sleep I will feel rested and ready to take on the day with a clear and positive outlook.

  12. Dear Anom Ngurah,

    Wow!! What a great list. I normally get to see one or two affirmations and then I give my input.
    Here is my suggestion to you:
    1. Get rid of every affirmation that has any negative aspect to it. The one with the anxiaty, faliure, etc.

    2. Go over your list and choose the affirmations that are speaking to you the most.

    3. You have some that repeat themselves, so condence them. It’s not “the more the better”, it’s having queslity affirmations that moves you.

    It will be great to record yoursefl reading thses affirmations and listening to them over and over again.

    Another suggestion I have for you is to make sure you are releasing any limiting belief that may come up for you.
    This is a great tool to help you do that. It can serve you for life
    Read some of my comments to other people above so you can learn from those as well.


    Infinite Blesings and best of luck with Forex Traiding. You are very passionate about it, I can tell 🙂
    Sigal Zoldan.

  13. Dear Mrs. Sigal Zoldan, regards I am very happy with your blog My name is Ida Bagus Anom Ngurah, ah, I am a beginner forex trading, I need the power of affirmation, I am very pleased with your blog, I got the following affirmations for forex traders, I have not had such a special audio version Sales Superstar as you make, hopefully you can help, I understand your voice gives me the strength to follow, good luck Mrs. Sigal Zoldan    

    Here are my affirmations:                                 

    I am a Successfull Trader, I make consistent profit on the forex market.

    I am confidence in my forex trading ability.

    I am comfortable and confident at my trading system.

    I chose to follow my rule.

    My system is perfect.  

    I am a constantly successful and disciplined trader.

    I am free from emotional attachments.

    I create my own success with forex trading.

    I am always in the right place at the right time.

    All of my needs are constantly met.

    I love being succesfull, I see many opportunities around me.

    I accept unlimited opportunities comes to me.

    I create many opportunities for myself.

    I am discipline and focus at all times.

    I am tradeing with a plan I am highly focused.

    I am so glad to grow my trading account by more than 20% per month consistenly.

    I am very discipline and this reinforces my confidence and success in trading.

    I understand that discipline separates winners from losers.

    Discipline means I follow my system… my plan.

    I can be profitable with discipline. I just take every trade my system tells me every time.

    Each trade I execute makes me a better trader.

    I am patient and let high probability trades present themselves to me.

    I am a professional trader and do not engage in gambling my money in the market.

    I am happy to take profit and will not be greedy.

    Losses are part of trading.

    I am relaxed and confident about my trading at all times.

    My belief system does not allow the concept of failure.

    My strategy is perfect for me.

    My timing is perfect and profitable, I naturally make the right moves at the right moment, smoothly effortlessly and masterfully.

    I deserve great success.

    I follow my intuition.

    When I am wrong I immediately correct.

    I draw a vast abundance of riches in my life.

    My trading goal easily, efficiently effectively.

    The day you start trading outside of the system because you are bored or need the action is the day you start losing, not trading is a trading decision. I do whatever is necessary to win at trading.

    Success flows to me.

    I take completed of responsibility.

    My trading system are perfect and profitable.

    I am habits to trade as a score or point and not in money.

    I trade with a pure discipline and never making exeption.

    I keep my focus 100 % even though I feel anxiety and greedy. 

    I totally accept myself anyway and I Choose to trade my rules.  

    I am  responsible and always follow my trading plan.

    I am confident.     

    I am intuitive.   

    I always trust my decision I trade when I feel good.

    I follow and trust my intuition.  

    I am gratefull for this opportunity and create more abundance.

  14. Denise, that is beautiful. Your affirmation follows al the guidelines I shared on the PDF.

    If you still have some disbelief, look at the affirmation bridge section and follow the instructions there.


    Great Job!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. My affirmation:

    I enjoy working with fabulous people who are extremely excited, open and ready to invest $500 or more a day.

    (I'm including more people than just women, production companies, etc.)

  16. Nisrine, you don’t want to determine who will be involved. The universe works in mysteries ways and if Jack is not the right person for you, you can affirm as long as you want but you will not manifest your affirmation. So don’t include a specific person and let go of the attachment to it.
    I have to be straight forward here. I’m sure you don’t want to NOT get what ypu want, which is to be married, loved and have a wonderful man by you.



  17. my sentence is,

    I love a wonder ful ma called Jack and he loves me too , we will get married throug this summer 

  18. Hi Ali,
    You are very welcome.
    I’d say, that if you don’t sit an interperet your dreams to get the messages out of them, whethere they are “negative” or “positive”, remember that venting dreams are symbolic. They are not litteral. It would be a mistake to judge your dreams as negative and positive, because what happens in the dream just symbolizes something. Venting dreams are venting dreams (vs. negative/positive dreams). They allow us to vent our fears and what is no longer necessary for us.

    I encourage you to let go of the negative/positive notion, it can create unnecessary confusion, which of course will lead for more venting dreams 🙂 But why to spend time on being confused if you can prevent it?…

    If you wish to interpret your dreams you may want to read this blog-post
    7 Easy Steps To Interpret Dreams By Yourself


    Infinite Blessings,

    PS: I appologise it took me some time to get back to you on this one. I hope it clarifys things for you 🙂

  19. I do have another question regarding the venting dreams AnD the affirmations.
    what does it mean when one has positive dreams positive Venting dreams about the Affirmations one wrote the night before
    thank you

  20. Have you tried an affirmation for 2-3 weeks Ali?
    I’m asking because I suggest you don’t give yourself a suggestion that the affirmation won’t work. If you expect that, then it might happen.
    Also, a “working affirmation” for example: “I am making a $5,000 consistent income easily, every single month”, doesn’t mean necesarily that in 3 weeks you’ll make $5,000. What you want to expect from an affirmation is that it’ll open doors for you, that things will shift in the direction you desure, that you’ll attract a book, a person, an opportunity and so forth. Solet’s say the person in the example above is a sales person, and in 3 weeks after they started to use the above affirmation they made extra commission of $1,000 more than then month before, so they didn’t reach yet their goal of $5,000 every month, yet something is starting to move, so it is best to keep going and appreciate and celebrate the new results and to give it time so he/she can get to  the $5,000.

    I invite you to come back in 3 weeks and share how it goes for you. Meanwhile, bring positive expectation to your work with affirmations.

    Best of luck and enjoy the process.
    Infinite Blessings,

  21. It can mean a viraety of things Ali:
    1. That your level of glucose in your blood dropped because the last time you ate was ling before you went to sleep.
    If you did have something to eat close to your bed time, this is most likely not the issue.

    2. You need to remember that we dream in symbolic ways. It’s not litteral, so even if you think that the dream was negative, it may have not been a negative dream. Lets say someone that you know died in a dream, it may very way mean that an aspect of the relationship with that person has come to an end and you both are moving on, either with each other or separately to a better place in life.

    3. When you interpret the dream and the interpretaion is not correct, it may cause for more “negative” dreams to occure because now, your  mind needs to vent the “wrong” or “negative dream that may have created more fear or anxiaty.

    The buttom line is that In a balanced, healthy and ideal way 9where all of what I mentioned above has been taken out of account), having a “negative” venting dreams regarding the affirmations, means, that you are venting the fears that are related to the affirmation or an aspect of your life that the affirmation presents.

    Infinite Blessings,

  22. what happens if after 2 to 3 weeks you are not seeing any results should you continue to write the information. Or would it be best to add a time line to the affirmations.
    For example :
    By January 20th I’m allowing myself too etc etc


  23. What does it mean when you have negative venting dreams about the affirmation you wrote the night before

  24. To answer both of your questions Ali,
    These is not something that was prooved scientifically. You basically do your affirmations right before you intend to sleep. If it takes you a long time to fall a sleep know that that’s a habit that can be changed. Whether you take supplememnts or medications for inproving your sleep, affirmations are a safe tool to use, it’s kind of like thinking thoughts. just posotove thoughts, empowring thoughts. In away it’s like asking whether do you have to think before falling asleep or what impact will you have thinking thoughts if I take supplements to enhance sleep…

    What’s more important Ali is that you your sleep is good and that you fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time when after you go into bed, That’s regardless of using affirmations. If you have problems falling asleep quickly or sleeping well at night, I suggest you start with affirmations that are helping you to fall asleep. You can also start creating a very calm environment for yourself in the hour before you are planning to go to sleep, like:

    Do not watch TV, put some relaxing music, do some youga movement, deep breathing, light a candle with a scent that relaxes you, lavendar is great (make sure to blow out the candle before you go into bed. This may very well work for you and you DO NOT want to fo to sleep with a burning candle.

    In order for affirmation to work for you, you do need to sleep well so your subconscious mind can work on ypur affirmations while you sleep.
    If that is a challenge still after you try the above, the “Pulling Out Limiting Beliefs” Guided Visualizations will help you with your affirmations, Let me know how it goes and how you sleep and fall asleep.

    Infinite Blessings 🙂

  25. what impact Do sleeping pills have on the process of writing affirmations at night. I’m talking about taking natural supplements like melatonin thank you

  26. do you have to fall asleep within a certain time frame after you write the Affirmations with your non-dominant hand.


  27. Hi Manish,

    Sorry it took me a while to get back with you.

    If you believe the statement then that’s great. If you don’t, then your mind won’t either.
    If you don’t, come back and write, where are you now. In regards to the age, I would do something a bit different than “10 years younger”. How old do you wish to look like? I tell you that I don’t think about my age consciously, yet I always looked (even more than 10 years) younger than my age, so it’s trully possible.

    Infinite Blessings,
    🙂 Sigal

  28. Hi Sigal,

    Thank You for continuous guidance. I would like to have your expert opinion for affirmation I am using currently.

    " I am Handsome, attractive, lean and look 10 year younger now"

  29. So Mahesh, do you have the xxx and yyy as actual words?
    I hope so.
    My suggestion is to ask yourself if you believe what you wrote. If it’s a yes, go for it,
    if it a not so much. go back to the
    read the guideline of how to make it believable and them come back here to post your
    affirmation so I can give you feedback.


    Blessings and Namaste’ my friend 😉


  30. Thanks Sigal,

    I wish to go with earlier Affirmation

    ''Enjoying working in XXXX company in YYYY city as QA Manager and above and getting salary above rupees 18 lacs per annum''

  31. My affirmations is 

    Enjoying working at 'xxxx' company in 'yyyy' city  QA Manager and above with salary above 'aaaa' lacs/annum.

    Pls suggest or correct my affirmation 

  32. Hi Rashid,
    The affirmations looks great. I don’t have comments about the wording. My only question to you is how does this affirmation make you feel?
    If you still have doubt, then there me be something undelying the issue that needs to be addressed.
    This active visualization
    can help you remove staborn limiting beleifs that prevent you from succeeding with your realeastate business as you’d like to.
    And if you wish more of my personal help feel free to choose one of the way we can work together to help you remove the block that stands in your way.

    Let me know how it goes for you and if you have any questions. I’m here to help you in support you in any way I can to enjoy the life you wish to live.


  33. Hi Mai,
    Your affirmations are really beautiful. The thing is that we can’t really condition our mind to receive what we want to receive in a limited way, meaning, through a specific person. If Johnny is not able, willing, wanting, to give you what you need and want, an affimation will not necessarily change it. You can use these affirmation and focus on yourself and what you wish to experience and receive from an intimate relationship. If you are asking to receive all that and Johnny is not the one that can gve all that that you want, you will most liklely clear the path for someone else to come into your life.
    Remember that affirmations are a tool, they won’t fix a person’s world directly necessarily. It seems that you need some deeper guidance in your situation. We can’t force an affirmation and demand something through it to happen. An affirmation can put us it the mental/emotional state to attract what we want. Yet, we do need to leave the door open, to let it come from whereve the universe think it is best for us.
    I’ll be happy to help you.
    Please email me directly if you wpuls like me to help you and we can discuss in what way I can help you.

    Be strong and stay commited to the life you wish for yourself, how you want to be treated by your man and above all, be loyal to yourself.

    Blessings my dear,
    And I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  34. Hi,

    I just join this great group.I am RE Agent specilizing in Manhattan Rental/Sales Apt.I used to be very good, but from last 5/6 months, I am not doing good and loosing confidence in my abilities to close a deal.Keeping that in mind please coment on this affirmation that I designed for myself

    "Each and every day ,it is easier for me to believe that I am showing apartments to fabulous people,that are open and ready to sign leases"

    Please PULEEEEEze coment soon

    Thank you



  35. Hi, Sigal, thank you for your response. I've been working on my affirmations and I just wanted to ask you for your opinion on it. Things are not going very good with me and my boyfriend because he has become distant and not giving me enough attention. Hope things change for the better. Ok so here is my affirmations that I came up with. I know they need a little work.  

    "I am so excited that every day I'm attracting my boyfriend Johnny into my life with deep true feelings of love towards me. He expresses love easily and he is becoming a better love partner to me. He is affectionate and attentive to my desires and treets me like I'm his queen because I am one of his priorities. Johnny showers me with true unconditional love, appreciation, commitment, loyalty, honesty, patience, happiness, understanding, generosity, attention, cooperation, romance and our -relationship is now leading towards a happy long-lasting marriage that will last for ever.|"

    I'm not sure if I did this right. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.



  36. Hi Sigal, thank you for your response. I've been working on my affirmations and i just wanted to ask you for your opinion on it. This is what I would like for my relationship to be like. " I am so excited that every day I'm attractin Johnny into my life with deep true feelings of love towards me. He expresses love easily and he is becoming a better love partner to me. He is affectionate and attentive to my desires and treats me like I'm his queen because I am one of his priorities. Johnny showers me with tru unconditional love, appreciation, commitment, loyalty, honesty, patience, happiness, understanding, generosity, attention, cooperation, romance and our relationship is now leading towards a happy long-lasting marriage that will last for ever"

    Thanks again



  37. Hi Mai, There area many great affirmations. The thinh is that you need to design an affirmation that is based on where you are. If you will just work with any affirmation, it will not necessarily do the trick. The reason is that we tend to carry blocks and a certain affirmation may not work through some blocks that you may carry. That’s why I designed the Success-Shift™ Affirmations. If you haven’t downloaded them yet, you can go to and request the PDF.

    Follow the steps in the PDF, design an affirmation and come back to post your affirmation and question here.
    You remind me of me. I finally got married at 38.. have you listerned to my teleseminar?

    Please feel free to call my office 1-866-994-6463 and I’ll be happy to talk to you for 5-10 minutes.
    If you are leaving a message please leave your time zone, state/city, phone number and when it would be best to call you back.


  38. I forgot to mention that over two months I've been dating a wonderful guy at the moment which I have fallen deeply in love with. He has all the qualities I look in a man but I'm affraid that he will leave me. When we met I felt as if he was my soul mate. I am not sure if he is the one because things are not working out as I expected. This relationship is going too slow and he can be very distant and detached. I just wish this relationship would be my last because I do see myself marrying this man. 


  39. Hi, I would like to know what would be great affirmations to attract marriage into my life. I'm 37 and never been married. I keep attracting the wrong guys and I'm now begining to believe is because I've been thinking very negative about my relationships. Thinking that I'm not good enough to be with the man of my dreams. Help!!


  40. My only comment to you David is to let go of the “at least”.

    Other suggestions:
    I am so excited and delighted now that I earn $20,000 or more each and every month from my legitimate sources of income!
    I am so excited and delighted now that I earn more than $20,000 each and every month from my legitimate sources of income!

    🙂 Blessings.

  41. I am so excited and delighted now that I earn at least $20,000 each and every month from my legitimate sources of income!

  42. Perfect Dave, my only question is, do you believe what you wrote?

  43. Hello Anamaria,

    I suggest you add another affirmation that will simply help you relax and trust. You want to get away from feeling nervouse.
    A little tweak to your current affirmations, they are good, If you need to refresh them a bit here are some suggestions:

    I have the ability to access easily and quickly the correct answer to each question and essay I take, I am already excited to know that July 2013 is my time to celebrate that I passed the exam.

    With every breath that I take I am alwayas in a space of trusting my abilities, memory and knowledge to access all the information that is so accessible for me…

    I suggest every night before you go to sleep, you take deep breaths first as you are imagining the end result –  (each night you can choose a different image)
    Telling _____ that you passsed the exam.
    Jumping up and down that you passed the exam.
    Hugging _____from joy that you passed the exam.
    Holding in your hand ______ that you passed the exam.
    Getting an email that you passed the exam.

    And of course, you do need to study, right? 🙂

    Good luck, let me know how it went.

    PS: If you wish to take a session with me to condition yourself to be relaxed and recall the info easily, feel free to contact me. We’ll create a recording for you so you can tap into the space you are trying to create with the affirmations faster and with more ease.



  44. Sigal,

    I am very nervous, I am taking the bar exam in July and I have been doing the affirmations, but I do not know if they are right. Those are:

    I am allowing myself to attrack easily and quickly the correct answer to each question and essay I take, which results in me passing the bar exam in July 2013.

    Each and every day I improve my memory and retain all the information I need to pass the bar exam in July 2013. 

  45. Hi Sigal,
    You're right, 2 years ago we lived in Seattle for about 6 years and we absolutely fell in love with the city. My son (11 years old) really want to go back there again and my husband also had a dream of working at Boeing but today has not been met, so we really want to go back there to pursue our goals are not achieved.

    Thank You.

  46. Djoraty,
    Great job on taking the time, following the steps nd putting together this affirmation.

    Here is my input:
    If you are currently not in Seattle and your husband is not currently working at Boeing Company you may want to ask yourself these questions in order to determine if this is the right affirmation for you:
    1. Do you believe what you are writing? Not weather it’s possible or not, but when you read it, do you believe it?
    What does your mind tell you when you read it?

    2. Many times things are happening for us in certain ways to give us an opportunity to move forward. When you are writing “back in Seattle” & “my husband works at Boeing Company as engineer” is that something that used to be a part of the past and you want to go back to how things were?

    I don’t know the whole story here, so it may not be that you want to have things back the way they were, but if you do, you may want to look at what emotion is the underlying emotion that you want this affirmation to resolve.

    For example, if the reason you want the above “back to normal” is because you do not feel secure at this time, then you may want to affirm something that addresses the feeling of security and trust vs. the details of where you are going to be.

    So for example:
    I I feel GREAT to be/live in a place I love so much!! I am delighted to see my husband happy and relaxed enjoying the job of his dreams.

    And again, since I don’t know all the details, it is important to address the need/emotion/missing link underneath the surface (or else it’ll be hard work), also, you can’t want for your husband, and since a part of this affirmation is addressing something that is related to his every day life, it really depends if this is something that he wants too.

    I suggest you focus more on yourself in your affirmation and if he wished to do his own affirmations that would work best.

    So bottom line, as a script, the affirmation is good, it’s positive, empowering.
    But if you were on the call on Thursday (which I’ll be offering the recording soon), I emphasized two important things:
    1. Must be believable and
    2. You must not be attached to the results.

    You may want to get one of these 3
    to help you move beyond where you are currently.

    Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions.

    Blessings in manifesting your heart’s desires.

  47. Hi Sigal,
    I've tried to make an affirmation in accordance with the instructions you gave. Please, would  you check whether the affirmation that I made is correct?

    "YES! I am back to Seattle and my husband works at Boeing Company as engineer! I feel GREAT!!!!!
    Thank You!

  48. Maria, it seems like you are very excited to work with affirmations and this is GREAT!!

    Let’s take both examples:
    1. How does each make you feel? Are you excited about both affirmations or is there one that you are more excited about?

    Do you feel that right now you are not open to work in your best job?
    If you feel that you need to first open up something in yourself then work with this one.
    The bottom line is:
    Take each affirmation that you design and go over it to see if all 4 guidelines are at work:
    1. Present tense.
    2. Positive.
    3. Empowering
    4. Believable.

    Here are a few tweaks to your affirmations, see if any of these resonate better with you:
    Each and every day it’s easier for me to attract the a fantastic postdoctoral position that is steady, extremely well paid, highly prestigious.
    I’m excited, open and ready to get accepted to a fantastic postdoctoral position that is steady, extremely well paid, highly prestigious and rewarding on an area of life sciences that allows me to help people heal.
    I can see myself living and a fabulous city in Europe, fulfilling my mission via a postdoctoral position that is steady, extremely well paid, highly prestigious and rewarding on an area of life sciences that allows me to help people heal.
    I am grateful for the excellent opportunity to be working in Europe, helping people to heal in this fantastic postdoctoral position that is steady, extremely well paid, highly prestigious and rewarding on an area of life sciences.

    And, regarding your 2nd question:
    “How many of this affirmations can you work on at the same time? Is six or seven too much?”
    For some it can be too much for others not.
    Here is how to decide:
    1. Make sure it’s taking you around 10 minutes to do.
    2. If this is your first time working with affirmations, I suggest to work with up to 3, for 2-3 weeks and then you can choose a different affirmation to work with.

    I also would like to suggest that if you feel a certain block comes up when you affirm, address the underlying block, or the affirmation won’t work well. It would be also good to release the current negative emotions you are experiencing so they wouldn’t block the “transmission” of the affirmation.

    If you want some self-help products, here are two:

    If you wish to get personal one-on-one help go to my website
    and look under the “services” menu bar to see what are the options for working with me one-on-one.

    Blessings Maria.
    Let me know when you got accepted to the job.
    Sigal Zoldan

    PS: If you get a job, even if it’s not your dream job, make sure to count your blessings, it may be a job for now that will help you get to the dream job…keep your heart, eyes and ears open 🙂

  49. Hey Sigal! I have been working on my affirmations and as I told you on facebook I'm not sure how specific they should be.
    so, something more general
    "each and every day I am opening myself to work in the best job for me"
    Or something more specific like
    " I am moving forward towards working in a fabulous city in Europe, with a group of extremely wonderful, loving and caring people, in a fantastic postdoctoral position that is steady, extremely well paid, highly prestigious and rewarding on an area of life sciences that allows me to help people heal"
    Is that too much?
    and a second question I have is how many of this affirmations can you work on at the same time? Is six or seven too much?
    thank you,
    Maria Claudia

  50. Jane, I hear you. I know what you mean by saying that every man you meet you always think is perfect for you in the beginning, but then it turns out to be so wrong and you break up. You sound like me (years ago).

    First your affirmations are excellent!!
    It sounds to me that you are an optimistic person that believes in the good stuff that life has to offer. Which is awesome!!

    Here is what I suggest:
    Work with these affirmations for the next 2-3 weeks.

    Download my free teleseminar

    In addition, if you can join me to one or more of these free calls I’m doing, you can only gain.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you 🙂
    Blessings and love,

  51. Hi Sigal,
    I am really wanting to meet my soul mate, I am 35 years old and every man I meet I always think is perfect for me in the beginning, but then it turns out to be so wrong and we break up. I have just ended a 6 month relationship, we broke up a month ago. All i have ever wanted is someone that will love me unconditionally and whom I can open up to. These are the affirmations i have been using lately:
    "I open my heart to love and I radiate love"
    "Every day in every way my soul mate is more and more attracted to me"
    "I have finally met my husband"
    Please can you advise me if these are good ones to use. I really believe in the power of affirmations, but I am quite new to this so I don't know if I am doing it right.
    Many Thanks,

  52. Ashok, I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand everything you wrote. I think what I did understand is that you are writing the affirmations and you are having some negative thoughts telling you that you can’t achieve, or do what you want…did I get you correctly?

    If that’s what you meant and what you are trying to achieve is an honest thing, that is good for you and good for others and good for the environment then you can either put together an affirmation that allows you to believe you can. If you can be more specific I can probably help you.

    Also, if you have negative thoughts in general you may wish to purchase this audio NE

    Hope this helps.
    Many blessings.
    Sigal 🙂

  53. hi.
    i think every to do right thing as positive way and think .yes i can do it . i think at the time before .think that also yes i achive those i want. but at the same time . there is some negative thoughts come in my mind. 'you cant ' . so how to overcome such negative thin ?thanks !!

  54. Brett, when you say “seems well” what do you mean? is there a movement, a shift? are you noticing anything different?

    In the beginning it does take long, that’s why when you asked how many affirmations, maybe you want to do one or two so it’s not taking that long. After doing it for a while, you’ll get quicker, not like your dominant hand though 🙂

    And yes, it’s absolutely normal 😉


  55. Sigal,
    I have been doing the affrimations for a few days now, and all
    seems well, I have been using my non dominate hand to write with,
    It takes a long time and the writing doesn't look so good!
    is this normal?

  56. Thanks Sigal,
    Yes that was me, what a great time I had as well!
    I definitely will give this a try and I will use my non dominate
    hand to write them with. I'll get back with you in a week or so
    to keep you up to date on how it's going.
    Again many thanks, looking forward to talking with you soon.

  57. Excellent question Brett and it looks like you were able to join me on the call last night after all, was it you or a different Brett?
    The answer to this questions is that it really depends. Some people have a tendency to get overwhelmed, so to those type of people I suggest up to 3 affirmations per night, especially if they write it with the non-dominant hand, it may take about 5 minutes to do, depends on the length and speed. If they write it for 21 times, that will definitely will take longer, so I’d actually stick to one affirmation if written 21 times.

    Just recently I was working with 8 affirmations. I wrote them every night with my non-dominant hand. I think it took me about 6 minutes. I am now pretty quick with my non-dominant hand (although the handwriting is still very crooked, but for this purpose it doesn’t matter).

    The affirmations can definitely be on different things. Just make sure to follow the guidelines. The ones on the Success-Shift™ Affirmations and if you were on

    Dear Sigal,
    My question is how many affirmations should I write at one
    time and can they be on different things, Example prospecting
    for business and the other sports related ie; make me a better
    Please advise

  58. Hi Harish,

    Good job! I suggest the word “myself” after the word “allowing” should be included. The reason is that the subconscious mind is very literal, and you may unintentionally infer that you are allowing other people, friends, neighbors etc, to make the $10,000 but not to yourself.

    Also, as I wrote below to Robert, stay tuned. I will be having a free conference call in January where I’ll give feedback on affirmations and do healings with people that will join the call, the best thing if you want to make sure you are invited to the (free) conference call is to add yourself to my list by going to

    Blessings for the season and the year to come.
    May your affirmation become a reality for you in a timely manner 🙂

  59. Hi Robert, please accept my apologies for responding after a few days. It has gotten really busy with this holiday season.
    OK, to your affirmation:
    Do you feel that you followed the guidelines from the PDF?
    If yes, if you are excited about this affirmation, if you believe in it then it has a great chance to open up new possibilities for you. If you don’t, my best advice is to start making it more believable, like using an affirmation bridge.

    Stay tuned. I will be having a free conference call in January where I’ll give feedback on affirmations and do healings with people that will join the call, the best thing if you want to make sure you are invited to the (free) conference call is to add yourself to my list by going to

    Blessings for the season and the year to come.
    May your affirmation become a reality for you in a timely manner 🙂

  60. i am easily allowing to make $10000 in passive income per month.
    Is it correct ?
    if right please bless for me

  61. Wow Daniel, you put a really wonderful affirmation together. You are following all the guidelines I shared on the PDF. It looks perfect to me and the only comment I have for you is – are you excited about the affirmation? does it make you feel good? do you beleive the affirmation? If your answer is “yes”, you are so good to go. If not, just use an affirmation bridge to make it believable 🙂

    Awesome job!!
    Let me know how it goes.


  62. Hello Sigal! Great Day!
    Below is my affirmation, any and every piece of advice is more than welcomed. Thank You So Much!!
    I am excited about growing my business every single day. I am so happy and grateful now that money is coming to me in increasing amounts on a continuous basis.

  63. Excellent question Brett.
    Handwriting comes from the central nervous system and goes back to it. It is motivated by a subconscious ideomotor response. Handwriting is a very powerful tool, especially in therapy; since it reflects our behavior, personality traits and character. When we write with the non-dominant hand we bypass the critical area of the mind (you can watch this short video where you can see what I mean by saying “the critical area”, which we want to bypass in order to place the message (the desire outcome from our affirmation) into the subconscious mind. You have most likely noticed that you have much more control when you are writing with your dominant hand than the non-dominant. We obviously don’t want to control the desired affirmation. We want in as deep as possible in our brain so than it becomes ingrained in us and it is easier for us to perceive it, attract in and therefore – achieve it.

    Now, you don’t have to write the affirmation with your non-dominant hand. If you choose not to, what you can do is write it 21 times with your dominant hand. The repetition of 21 times will do the same trick, place the suggestion/affirmation deep in your subconscious mind. I always like to have options. So choose what you like most. Writing 21 times will take longer than writing once (even if your hand is not as stable and the hand writing looks funny). I sometimes do the dominant and sometimes the non-dominant.

    Enjoy 😉

  64. You are welcome Carrie.
    Let’s assume that something good will happen. We don’t get attached to the results. So if one is expecting that because they are doing the affirmations, the specific result that they are asking will take place, i.e. that after a month or two they will make $1000 per week, it might not happen the exact way they have envisioned, but might happen is something like, they’ll meet a person that will be a great connection for them for a voice over job and if they’ll follow the right path that would be a door that will take them to where they’ve asked to go.
    Be the farmer, your job is to plant the seeds and give them water and sun so they can”t grow. If you do that with no expectation that the seeds will grow, why even bother giving them water?…

    You do expect them to grow BUT you are not attached. Some will, some won’t, you continue doing your best.

    Choose the results you wish to have and construct an affirmation that is believable. Don’t just use affirmations that are easy to beleive, it’s kind of like directing the flash light to light in a place where you didn’t lose anything, you know what I mean?
    Work with my suggestion for those affirmations that you wish to help you to get real world results. You will change your subconscious mind and your vibrations by consistently using those affirmation according to the Success-Shift™ Affirmations. If for any reason after 2-3 weeks of working with the affirmations you don’t feel any shift, this guided visualization downloadable audio can help you pull out those stubborn limiting beliefs that hold you back AND THEN the affirmations may be accepted more easily and deeply by your subconscious mind.

    Let me know how it goes.

    PS: About the new affirmation, my question is – do you believe it?

  65. Thank you so much, Sigal! So, even if nothing happens, you should move on to affirmations in other areas if you feel it is easier for you to believe? Otherwise, you should stay with the same one, if all is well, but switch the wording around some?

    My other affirmation is: I am a beautiful, joyful, energetic, exciting confident person and I love who I am!

  66. Indeed I did Carrie.
    You’ve done a great job. The first one really excites me. If you feel excited by it, then this is it!
    If you wish to tweak it a bit and see if it can excite you more, you may try:
    I am so excited to be booking fabulous voice over jobs that pay $862 per four hours of work, three or more times per week!
    or I am consistently booking fabulous voice over jobs that pay $862 per four hours of work, three or more times per week!
    or I am finding myself booking fabulous voice over jobs that pay $862 per four hours of work, three or more times per week!
    If those above are still not that believable to you the:
    Each and every day, it is easier for me to believe that I CAN book voice over jobs with fabulous directors who are eager to hire me for more projects paying $862 per four hours or more, three or more time per week!
    Each day I allow my beliefs to become stronger and stronger that I am easily able to book voice over jobs with fabulous directors who are eager to hire me for more projects paying $862 per four hours or more, three or more time per week!

    Let me know how it goes if you like.
    You can choose 1 or 2 affirmations that resonate with you the most at this point in time, write them consistently for 2-3 weeks and then choose 1 or 2 from the above and continue with them. If you feel that after 2-3 weeks it’s easier for you to believe that you can, then move on, if you still don’t beleive, there is something else to be done.
    Keep in touch, let me know how it goes. Remember that you must be consistent in order for your subconscious mind to make the shift.

    Blessings 🙂

  67. You sent an email saying that I could get help with my affirmation? What I currently have is:  I am enjoying booking fabulous voice over jobs that pay $862 per four hours of work, three or more times per week!
    Or: Each and every day, it is easier for me to believe that I am booking voice over jobs with fabulous directors who are eager to hire me for more projects paying $862 per for hours or more, three or more time per week!

  68. Vaishali, I can certaibly help, yet you got to put the affirmations together first.
    Did you download the PDF suggested in this post?
    Start there and follow the instructions.
    Than come back here and post your affirmations so I can help you.


  69. Hi Robert,
    I apologize for not replying to your comment earlier, for some reason I didn’t see it.

    Great job on these affirmations, you are in the right direction. Lets make them even stronger.
    1. If you feel that it is true, that you are confident, then the only suggestion I have is that you change it to “THIS YEAR”.
    We always want to affirm in the NOW when we are working with the subconscious mind. If we’ll affirm that “ONE DAY IN THE FUTURE”, we’ll always wait for that future to arrive, you know what I mean?

    If you are not feeling confident you can either:
    A. Add, “Each and every day I become more and more confident that I am easily able to earn more than enough to meet my life style (bills do not excite us, so I suggest you use your life style) on a self-employed basis.

    B.I trust myself and my abilities that I that I am easily able to earn more than enough to meet my life style on a self-employed basis.

    I am easily able to know which foods are healthy for me. I am peacefully making powerful decisions in regards to what I allow myself to put into my body.
    The reason I put it this way is because you DO NOT want to suggest any words that your mind may be perceiving in a negative way, like:
    will no longer feel the need to eat the latter,
    stressful times.

    Good luck, and enjoy it.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  70. Hi Doris,
    I suggest to try a few more versions until you find the right affirmation for you. This ones seems to be a bit to vague.
    Ask yourself – when this is your reality, when you seeing yourself drawn to and connected with etc. how would it be like?
    It is challenging for me to comment on this specific affirmation. I get that you want it fast and once and for all, yet you may need to becomes peaceful and patient first, before the love of your life shows up. What are the two emotions (negative ones) that you feel towards NOT having the love of your life present in your life?
    For example, let’s say it’s frustration and feeling like you are blocked, so what’s the opposite of that?
    Instead of frustration – peace, acceptance…
    Instead of feeling blocked – free, flow, open…
    So then take those two and contracts an affirmation that is aligned with the positive and desired emotions.

    Feel free to come back and post your second draft and I’ll give you my input.
    BTW, if you haven’t done so yet, I highly suggest you download my free teleseminar

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you and assist you with a powerful affirmation.
    did you download this

  71. Hello Sigal,
    Is my affirmation written correctly?
    “I see myself immediately drawn to, recognizing and being instantly connected with the most fulfilling, empowering and permanent love relationship of my life.”
    Best wishes Doris

  72. Can you please check these affirmation:-
    1.I am confident that I can earn enough to meet all my bills in the next year, on a self-employed basis.
    2. I can distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods and will no longer feel the need to eat the latter, even during stressful times.

  73. Yes. Scroll back up to the blog and click on the link to download the success-shift affirmation. I explain there how to design an affirmation. Follow all steps. Then take no. 1 and 2 that you wrote, and convert them to the positive. If you still need more help, come and place another comment with the affirmations you came up with.
    Have fun with it.

    Much love and many blessings,

  74. 1. I am facing challenges to make big in my Network Marketing business.
    2. My romance life has become stangnant because of no success in our endeavours.
    Could you please help me design my affirmations.

  75. Hi Shon, here are my comments to you:
    “Hello Sigal, I am 23 and have recently gotten into the field of networking marketing; traveling to be more specific.”
    Congratulations!! This can be an exciting time for you if you will allow yourself to grow through your experiences. Together with the decision to join a network marketing company est you make the decision to let go of any habit that is not serving you to succeed. It seems like you are looking for ways to do that already.

    “My issue is that I seem to have a . In your c. My current affirmation is “I am confident in social situations and easily adapt to any environment” I was wondering if there may be something stronger I could incorporate. I’m really excited about the business I’m just not sure how to convey that excitement while battling that internal feeling.”
    It is great that you are aware of the mind-set and emotions that stand in your way. Having awareness is an important piece. My question to you about the affirmation is – how do YOU feel about it? What does it make you feel? If it feels that it is not strong enough there may be two reasons for that:
    1. Is that it’s not the right affirmation for you. It doesn’t move you or excite you.
    2. You don’t trust that this affirmation will really change anything for you and you feel that you need something stronger.
    3. It may be both 1 and 2.
    An affirmation needs to be believable, so if it’ hard for you to beleive that you are confident, use: “I allow myself to beleive that I am confident”…. or “each day my belief that I am confident is growing”.

    Also 2 more things to consider:
    1. Every time that you’ll engage yourself in conditioning your mind for a certain period of time, there is a better chance that you will drop an old, undesired habit and embrace a new one. This is something that you can probably do by yourself with the help of some audios that are designed to your specific needs. on this free teleseminar I’m sharing how to attract prospects subconsciously and then I also talk about (and give there a special) for a few guided visualizations that can help you condition your mind. I suggest you check it out.

    2. Depends on what you are looking to accomplish – I like to resolve my issues from the core. And you may want to consider Forensic Healing. With Forensic Healing, you go under an “investigatory” process, where you learn where the source of the issue originated (in your case the self-defeating attitude concerning talking to people) and then as the information surfaces up, the appropriate healing is chosen to help you to heal that all the way to the level of your DNA. So you are actually bringing your DNA back to balance and therefor the issue is not that much of an issue anymore. I found that when you do that in conjunction with the conditioning it is working beautifully. Yet as I wrote earlier. it depends how deep the rabbit hole you’d like to go 🙂 You may watch a sample session video of Forensic Healing here In the case in the video we worked on a physical symptom, yet the issue can be emotional as well.

    I hope this shed some more light for you.
    Let me know if there is any other way I can assist 🙂
    Much love and many blessings to you Shon.

  76. Hello Sigal, I am 23 and have recently gotten into the field of networking marketing; traveling to be more specific. My issue is that I seem to have a self-defeating attitude concerning talking to people. My current affirmation is "I am confident in social situations and easily adapt to any environment" I was wondering if there may be something stronger I could incorporate. Im really excited about the business Im just not sure how to convey that excitment while battling that internal feeling. Thanks you for any help you can provide
    Student of Life

  77. Hi Sunny,

    Wow!! Nice job on the process getting to the final affirmation.
    When you read the final one, do you find yourself getting excited or just OK?
    We want you to feel good when you are reading it. What emotion does the final one bring up in you?
    Now, dissecting the affirmation further more:
    Do you currently enjoy getting ready to the exam, or not? If not you may want to shift it a bit to: “each day I am allowing myself to enjoy…” You want to use the “I am” statements only if it is believable to you.

    I am getting that you really Really want to pass the CPA exam. You are studying and preparing but are you trusting your abilities, your mind, your memory?…
    If this one speaks more to what you feel you really need to address you may use this one, or both (up to 3 affirmations per night :-):
    I am trusting myself, my abilities, my memory and my knowledge to be there for me (or to support me powerfully) every step of the way as I am confidently preparing and passing the CPA exam this year – 2012.
    Or if you are not quite there yet, do the affirmation below for two weeks and then move to the one above.
    I am allowing myself to trust my abilities, my memory and my knowledge to be there for me (or to support me powerfully) every step of the way as I am confidently preparing and passing the CPA exam this year – 2012.

    Remember, you want the words to trigger excitement, as if someone lit a light bulb inside your neurology and it’s all bright and shiny and feel GOOOOOD!.

    Best wishes for passing the exam this year.
    Sigal 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

    PS: If you feel that you are carrying some limiting beliefs that may hold you back in regards to this desire to pass the exam, you may want to get this guided visualization. It will help you to pull those limiting beliefs out.

  78. I just printed your pdf, thank you! I am studying for the CPA exam. Here’s my affirmation that I created. What do you think?

    I am never going to pass the CPA exam.

    I want to pass the CPA exam this year.

    Each day I am getting better and better at knowing the material to pass the CPA exam.

    I am enjoying studying for the CPA exam and I look forward to passing the CPA exam.

    Each and every day I am enjoying and getting better and better at studying, knowing, and remembering the material to pass the CPA exam this year.

  79. Thank you so much for your help.
    I will add the short affrimations to my list.
    I will let you know how it goes.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  80. Hey Dale,
    I agree – short and very specific is the best. better to have a few affirmations than one long one.
    When you use an affirmation bridge it tends to make the affirmation long. The most important thing is for the affirmation to be believable. So if you are starting with
    I am” and you can’t believe the rest of the affirmation, then it won’t work.

    You must also remember that even though affirmations has a great potential to help a person accomplish a goal, one should not put all their eggs in once basket. Meaning, one cannot just write an affirmation but not take action. So for example, if you would like to create for yourself a better financial situation, use an affirmation, talk to people, heal your past wounds, heal your relationship with money. From where I stand today I can tell you that there were certain affirmation that worked beautifully and manifested great results and others that didn’t. When I look today at the ones that didn’t I can tell you that I had a deeper work to do on the related issue and the affirmation put me on that path.

    To your question: “Is this one you gave me direct enough to make more money?”
    It all depends how you feel about it. Do you feel that it is direct enough for YOU?
    That is the important thing. I guide you, yet you are THE ONE who leads your life. Take the leadership and based on the guidance that you received from me or others, the guidance that resonates with you, make it your own.

    Dale, have faith, do the work that you beleive in. I appreciate you saying that you are confident that I know what I am talking about, thank you. And I want to add that what will make the difference for you is your trust in yourself. I had many people that I met that seems to know what they were talking about. It was true in their experience but my life had changed when I relaxed into the process and trusted myself. Take the best and leave the rest.

    Maybe you want to add these (on the shorter note):
    I trust myself and my abilities to create an amazing, prosperous life for myself in a timely manner.

    I am open and ready for my financial prosperity to be present in my life.

    Feel free to share your success while in the journey or after you have arrived.

    Much love and blessings to you.

  81. First, i am very serious about affrimations and hve read a lot of material about them and how to be sucessful with them.
    Most of what I have read says to make the affrimations short and very specific. Is this one you gave me direct enough to make more money:

    “I am allowing my belief to grow stronger and stronger that there is always more than enough money for me and others to do what ever I choose to do

    I am feeling confident that you know what you are about and am anxious to make my life much better. I have had 61 years of negatives. My desire is to make the second half of my life much more sucessful.

  82. Dale, my first question to is:
    Do you believe in what you wrote?
    If you don’t beleive right now that Every day and every night you are prospering in all my ways then your mind is not going to buy it.

    Since you downloaded the PDF, I guide you to look at the Affirmation Bridge, and choose one of the examples I am giving their to make it believable.

    Also, take each of the affirmation you wrote, go over the guidelines in the PDF and make sure you are check marking each guideline.

    Do that, twaek a bit more your affirmations and come back to share them with me here. (I am going out of town on Monday and won’t have internet access for a few days, so if you’ll do it today or tomorrow, I can give you my input before I leave)

    In regards to the “I love money and money loves me”, it seems to me that it’s too general.
    If you write down what is your current relationship with money like:
    “There is never enough money for me to do what I want” – from here it is easier to convert it to what you want instead.
    So instead of the above (converting it almost word by word to positive and empowering):
    “The is always more than enough money for me and others to do what ever I choose to do”
    Now this conversion doesn’t mean yet that you beleive in it.
    So now it’s time to choose one of the affirmation bridges to help your mind to accept is as your truth:
    “I am allowing my belief to grow stronger and stronger that there is always more than enough money for me and others to do what ever I choose to do”
    You do this one for 2-3 weeks consistently and then you change the affirmation bridges based on where your mind set is at that time.

    Keep in touch and let me know how it is going for you.
    Blessings :-),

  83. These are the affirmations I have been working on for a couple of weeks.

    1. Every day and every night I am being prospered in all my ways.
    2. I love money and money loves me.

    3. I am a healthy 200 pound man. (need this one)

    4. Something great is happening to me today.

    Thank you for your input.

  84. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for your question Amy. Affirmations are only one piece of the puzzle. Affirmations are helping us to open up, to change our vibrations, to take action with more motivation. When we use affirmation and worry most of the time, the affirmations will most likely won’t work. I hear your subconscious mind through the affirmation you wanted me to look over. I hear stress and pressure maybe some anxiety too. So in conjunction with the affirmation I encourage you to get this book, it will make so much sense to you and will help you to train yourself to relaxed and trust while taking action in the right direction. and do your affirmation:
    “improvement ” implies (each time that you’ll affirm, that it is not good now, and we don’t want to trigger any negative emotions.

    I allow myself to fully trust my actions, emotions and mind set to lead me in the best positive direction so I can easily and comfortably take care of my financial endeavors.
    (Make it two separated affirmations)
    Does this one below believable to you?
    “My business is providing me with a personal financial income of $20,000.00 or more each month.”
    If not, you should tweak it to:
    “Each and every day I allow myself and my business to provide me with an on growing monthly income of _______ or more”.
    (choose an amount less than $20,000 so your subconscious mind can start adjusting. Too big of a leap will reject the idea, I don’t know what you are making right now, but if it’s far bellow the 20,000 then you it can work better to take it in increments. You don’t have too, it all depends on how much you believe in what you write).

    Let me know Amy if you have any questions.
    Good luck and keep in touch.
    Many blessings,

  85. I was happy to find your site. I have been doing numerous affirmations and have not seen any improvement. I have recently sold one business and started a new one. The past 9 months have been a financial nightmare. I have worked with other coaches in the past that have continually told me, focus on providing service and always say “I now” in my affirmations. I am very far behind on my bills and I was also told not to put “bills’ into my affirmations. =)
    So any assistance with this affirmation will help:
    I allow vast improvement to come quickly into all phases of my life and am delighted that my bills are current (which would take a large sum of money =))and my business is providing me with a personal financial income of $20,000.00 or more each month.

  86. Good job on putting together those affirmations Maria.
    Here is my feedback:
    It is important that you beleive those affirmations.
    So it is better to use an affirmation bridge. You did it with the first affirmation. That’s great!!
    See how to incorporate it in the second one, if what you currently wrote is not believable.
    I would suggest to replace the word “flawless”with a more positive word. There is still “flaw” in the “flawless”.
    A suggestion:
    I am allowing myself to be a beautiful young woman with a clear, smooth and healthy skin.
    Do this consistently every night for the next 3 weeks or so.
    See what is starting to shift. Feel free to come back and share. I always have more ideas in regards to how to change what you wish to change.
    The affirmation is a great start to get your mind away from what you don’t want and towards what you want.

    Much love and blessings,
    Sigal 😉

  87. Hello Sigal. Your blog and ideas are very interesting. For now, I have a couple of things I want to work on.
    1- I procastinate a lot and I’m on a deadline to finish my PhD thesis and I just don’t seem to concentrate. Days go by where I have barely written something or done something about it and then I feel guilty. However, I have all these excuses not to do what I need to do. Anyway, my affirmation would be:
    “Every single day it’s becoming easier to finish my thesis”

    2- I have acne prone skin and I really want a clear skin. So, what about:
    “I’m a beautiful young woman with flawless skin”
    Thank you, Sigal

  88. When you affirm for something, it is pretty much like throwing a pebble (your statement) into an ocean (of infinite supply). It will create waves in all directions, gather all different expressions of the energy (thoughts and feelings) you just sent out, it will multiply and come back to you. So, unless you’d really like to experience what you asked for multiplied and returned to you, don’t affirm it.

  89. Hi Sigal,

    Thank you. I will do as you suggested. I appreciate it greatly!

  90. Great thoughts you have there Rena.
    Think about this:
    Do diet work?
    Yes and no. They work when you put them into work, when you’ll do it consistently and when you do it in the way that is right for you. Not every diet is good for everyone. Even though we are the same we are also very different. Different DNA, metabolism, blood type, sleeping needs/habits, belief systems. If you’ll add on top of the diet exercise will you get greater results? No doubt you will. If you’ll add to the diet and exercise a great empowering mind set and visualize yourself slim, fit and in shape will you get greater results? Not doubt you will.

    So back to your question. Affirmations are a part of the puzzle, it’s one piece. It’s not that the affirmation themselves bring you the results, There are actions involved and things that need to come into place. So what they will do for you is put you in the right mind set that will allow you to become more motivated, that will allow you to recognized the right opportunities, that will allow you to listen to yourself in a way that will guide you to be in the right place at the right time.

    I am sharing on this blog how I met my husband. I must admit that between that in that 1.5 years of searching for him and working on myself, 4 months before he showed up I used the affirmation “I am attracting only mys husband”.

    If you are doubting the process of using affirmation then you might have some resistance to it or to the outcome you are wanting to achieve. And I am talking about subconscious resistance obviously. If that is the case, maybe affirmation is not the first choice. Evey thing that you are trying to achieve in life, when on some level you are resisting it, no matter which tools you are using, you’ll tend to think that the tools are not working, when in most cases it’s one of these two:
    1. You are not using the tool and a conducive way.
    2. Some part in you is terrified with the change (even a positive change) so it’s diminishes the power of the tool and sabotages your success.

    I’d be happy to give you a free 20-minute consultation and help you get a clear picture of where to put your focus first.
    If you’d like that go to and follow the instructions.

    Make it a beautiful weekend.

  91. Hi Sigal,

    I grew up in a Word of Faith church were tithing was preached heavily or sowing seed as it’s called.

    In any event, my mind has been so conditioned that tithing is the ONLY way to receive more money. So it’s like I’ve been stuck at the same income level for years no matter how many money affirmations I say. It’s like when I say money affirmations, I get more credit but i haven’t reached my high six figure a year income level yet nor have I been able to tithe enough to get me there. Sigh

    So I’m wondering. Do affirmations for money really help manifest money?

  92. Hi Sigal,
    I heard it from author Jack Canfield but I had a lot of resistance to the IDEA of 400x. LOL


    P.S. I am using affirmations to increase my business income and secure a high paying work from home job. Is this okay, as long as they are separated out?

  93. Rena, 400 times? where did you take this number from?
    Either 1 time before you go to sleep with your non-dominant hand or 21 times before you got to sleep with your dominant one.
    Whichever you choose.

    🙂 Sigal

  94. One more quick question please…:)

    Do I need to write the affirmations down 400 times a day to see results?

  95. Awesome Rena. Feel free to share the corrected ones so I can give you more feedback.
    🙂 Have a great day.

  96. You’re the best, Sigal!

    This is wonderful…I feel better already.

    I will do as you suggested and repost shortly. 🙂


  97. Hi Rena,
    I am really glad that you decided to share this with me because there is something that I am noticing that once you tweak will make a big difference. Notice that you are affirming repeatedly: “I want”.
    That means that you will continue to want. And I am sure you do not only want to want, but you also want to be/have/allow weigh/live etc.
    Did you download the PDF that I offered through this blog? I guide you more specifically how to write them effectively.

    So here are a few corrections:
    “I am open to receive $5,000 per week job offer that I love where I am working from home”.
    Make sure to also take actions that will lead you to achieve that. Do you believe the affirmation above? the statement needs to be believable, or else your mind will resist. Are you open to receive? If there resistance, whats the resistance? Feel free to share it with me and I’ll guide you from there.

    Are you married right now? are you with someone? Are you waiting for a proposal? we need to take this one “I want to be happily married” and make it fit: For example: If you are single: “I am attracting the man/partner that brings out the very best in me”.

    Lets start with those. Work on the rest a bit more based on my comments adn you are welcome to post again the refined affirmations.

    I am

  98. Hello, i am happy i discovered your site.

    I would like help with phrasing an affirmation that works.

    I want to allow and receive a $5,000 per week job offer that I love where I get to work from home.

    I want to be happily married.

    I want to move into my own luxury spacious home by August 1, 2011

    I want to weight 180 pounds, eat accordingly and be fit, strong and toned

    I want to receive at least $1850 a week through my online advertising business. Ideally I would like to attract a $100,000 year sponsor

    I want to pay early and in full all credit card, charge card and loan balances.

  99. Mitcy, is this an affirmation or a reality for you? When I read it it seems so real 😉
    Ok here is my feedback to you;
    1. Do you beleive what you wrote? or do you feel that you would which to beleive that but you are not exactly believing it yet?
    2. I would split it to 3 separated affirmations,including the little changes I added below:

    -1-I am attracting exactly the kind of relationship I am totally ready for.
    I changed the “want” to “I am totally ready for” because I’d like you to move from and experience of “wanting” to an experience of being ready to receive (what you want),

    -2-I am totally happy being married to the husband God wants for me.
    I changed the “now” to “totally happy” because it is a bit challenging for us to beleive that we are married when we are not married, but you can believe now that you are happy now and will be as a married woman.

    -3- Our love was made in heaven, our marriage is holy happy and prosperous.
    Hmm…I don’t know what to say at this point in terms of tweaking it. My suggestion is to keep this aside for the next 2-3 weeks and get back to it after you’ve wrote consistently for 2-3 weeks the two ones above. Feel free Mitcy to come back and get my advice on this one in 2-3 weeks.

    Much love,
    Sigla Zoldan

    Sigal 😉

  100. Am now attracting exactly the kind of relationship I want. i am now married to the husband God wants for me our love was made in heaven. Our marriage is holy happy and prosperous.

  101. Thanks for sending me the URL to your blog Sigal. You read my mind across the miles — I was making a mental note to myself to look it up.

    I used to write down 3 things I was grateful for, or felt good about, every night — then, being an overachiever, I expanded it to 10 — and then, because of that, stopped doing it at all after a while!

    So I will do it again — and do yours, or the gratitude one — or maybe one of each, or a McCombo. LOL

    You have such great ideas. …I remember this one from the class I took from you, but unfortunatley, it can be easy to forget these things!

    Or as Jim Rohn always used to say — so easy to do — and so easy not to do! It takes constant vigilance to stay on top of all these great ways to make our lives the way we want them to be!

    Thanks for all your great posts!

    All the Best,

  102. Dear Flower,

    All your affirmations are wonderful. The question is what do they do to you. Check with yourself if there is any resistance or disbelief showing up when you read them. If there is then use for about two weeks the affirmation bridge that you got from the PDF you downloaded here

    In general each affirmation should contain these three:
    In the Present tense, Positive and Empowering.

    Let’s take this one for example:
    “I am working on a project (photo shoot or commercial) that pays me $5000 & quickly”.
    Do you beleive it, or is there a part in you that rejects it?

    If it’s believable then great!. If not I would adjust it to;
    “I am allowing myself to attract easily and quickly photo shoot or commercial projects that pays me $5000 and more”.

    You can also get this guided visualization that will help you to pull out limiting beliefs and contribute to get results faster.

    Enjoy manifesting your heart desires.
    🙂 Sigal Zoldan

  103. Hi Sigal.
    So, this is what I’ve come up with.
    Present tense: I am working on a project ( photo shoot or commercial) that pays me $5000 & quickly
    Positive tense: I am confidently working on a big wardrobe project with assistance with a healthy working budget.
    Empowering: Everyday I enjoy working as a wardrobe stylist, making money going from project to project, with people who appreciate my work.
    Any feed back would be most appreciated. I hope you are enjoying your trip. So I guess I’m looking for the right affirmation.
    Best regards,

  104. I, too, have begun to use affirmations since attending your seminar, Sigal, and they are totally working!

    Here are a few of the ‘financially motivated’ affirmations I’ve been trying over the past few weeks that are working for me. The first was authored by me as an affirmation bridge, the balance were shared with me from a friend who obtained them from a book:

    – “Each day I am taking the right steps to make a ton of money while masterfully balancing between work and life.”

    – “Money is as accessible as air”

    – “Money loves me and I love money. I welcome abundance into my life. I am a wealthy person and I gratefully receive my wealth now”

    Since using these affirmations I have been more motivated, am on the road to closing 3 sales in the next week and received a job inquiry this morning for an AWESOME opportunity that pays very well.

  105. Cate, you can use more than one affirmation at a time. I would stick with 3 or less. That way when you use them according to the Success-Shift™ Affirmations your subconscious mind will be able to focus. In this case overload will distract you from the affirmation, and we want to avoid that 🙂

  106. Thanks for your feedback. Taking this into consideration, I have changed to two affirmations:

    I am enjoying working with fabulous people in my new money making environment.

    I am delighted my new income keeps my bills current, with $100 going into savings each payday.

    Is it more effective to do multiple affirmations at one time or at different times in the day?

    Thanks for your further input!

  107. Dear Care,
    Regarding your affirmation:
    “I am working with fabulous people at my new job. I am delighted to see all my bills current and $100 going into savings each payday.”
    The most important this is – what does it do to you? Are you happy, excited, moved by this affirmation? If the answer is yes” then it is a great one for you (of course with the other aspects of the present form etc.)

    Here is my comment about it:
    When starting an a affirmation with “I am working” for some people it might triggers resistance. Read the sentence again and if there is some resistance that is an indication to change something in the structure of the sentence, for example;
    “I am enjoying collaboration/working/communicating with fabulous people in my new job/office/company/money making environment”.

    A second affirmation (remember that one of the guidelines in the PDF you got (get it here) is to keep it short, so just do two separated affirmations.
    “I am delighted to see all my bills current and $100 going into savings each payday.”
    Excellent, really, and the first comment I gave goes for this one two.
    Please let us know how it goes for you.

  108. I am working with fabulous people at my new job. I am delighted to see all my bills current and $100 going into savings each payday.”
    Looking forward to your feedback/suggestions, Sigal! Thank you.

  109. After reading Sigal’s steps to incorporate Success-Shift Affirmations, I found what I’ve been looking for…the affirmation bridge!! In the past, I have worked with several coaches to write affirmations. With each, I have polished my skills and have seen an improvement in my results. When I read Sigal’s information about affirmations bridges, I knew what had been missing!

    Using affirmation bridges, I am allowing myself to believe in my success in creating powerful affirmations. Thank you, Sigal!

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