True Marketing Begins In Your Subconscious Mind

woman on the phone shadowI'm sure you would agree that cold calling to people who have never heard about you will most likely cause them to hang up on you, tell you that they are not interested, or never return a call. Either way, it is NOT a fun nor a productive way to move your business forward.

It is true that they all say it's a "numbers game," but who needs to work hard when you can set up your marketing funnel in such a way that those who are interested in what you are offering will come to you.

If you wish to build your business (whether it's a network marketing business or another home based business or even a small or large business), then I'd love to share with you what I know. I've been in business since 1998 so I know a thing or two…

woman on computer smilingYou see, I like to work smart. Productivity and effectiveness are very high on my priority list; however on the top of my list I'd put JOY because I love what I do. Through the years, I have sharpened and clarified, sifted and sorted how to make it easier for those to seek my knowledge, services and expertize. Even when I am wearing the hat of a marketing and sales gal, I have found that there are aspects in that arena that I enjoy much more than others, like speaking in public, either on a teleconference or an in-person presentation. I remember on my first ever teleseminar, I had 43 people! And I had invited friends and family; I was so excited!!

climbing steps to dollarYou may be just starting your business or you may have experience but the question is, how is it working for you? Do you pay for your leads? Do you get quality leads? Do you work hard to get leads at all? Do you find that there is so much to learn before you can embark on making a nice income through your business, that you can't get started?

If you really don't want to work hard, and by saying "work hard" I mean – take lots of action but not get results, then a great place to start is internally within your own mind as that's the place where you create your reality. Your subconscious mind is a powerful "place," you just need to learn how to use it wisely, in such a way that the action that you take yields wonderful, desirable results AND in a timely manner.

magnet-prospectWorking effectively with the poser of your subconscious mind can easily help you attract the prospects that you want to attract. I recorded a teleseminar and I'm offering it for free (for now at least) to anyone who wishes to find out more about how to Tap Into The Power Of their Subconscious Mind and Start Attracting The Right Kind Of Prospects and Business Builders Easily And Effortlessly

On this downlodable recorded teleseminar I'm discussing this topic in details. Just click here and follow the instructions.

Also, I want to share with you where I learned all this, I leaned it from this lady who is a guru in the network marketing world. I applied her strategies to a business that is not a network marketing business. The beauty is that you can apply what she teaches to any kind of business. She is targeting network marketers, but really if I did it, you can do it too (in case you are not in network marketing). You can use these strategies for a healing practice, online store of any kind, small local business, e-books you are sharing with the world, basically any kind of product or service. So here is where you can learn more directly from Ann Sieg, who I appreciate and am thankful for. Just click here to get direct access to her page.

* * * * * * * *

I would love to read your comments, tell me how you liked this post, tell me what you are planning to do with this information, ask questions and come back to share what has opened up for you.

Meanwhile, many blessings and much love to you and may you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.

Sigal Zoldan
Founder of Infinite Realities International- Holistic Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Results Coach
& Forensic Healer

Sigal incorporating these modalities in her practice: Foot & Handwriting Analysis, The Grinberg Method, Past Life Regression, Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Neurological Repatterning, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Forensic Healing and more. To learn more about Sigal and her work visit

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