What Does Freedom Mean to You?

This 4th of July really gets me thinking. Independence…freedom…when was the last time you really, honestly, looked into what it means? People are running around looking for solutions, looking for more clients, more business, more money, more health… are they really looking for all those or do they just want to feel good, to be free and to enjoy their time on this planet?…

So before you jump into your 4th of July celebrations I invite you to take a moment and to imagine your personal freedom…(it’s starts with a deep breath…:-)

This is what freedom means to me –
To Do What Ever I Want To Do:

And this too –
To Kiss Who Ever I Want To Kiss:

And this too –
To Make Good Use Of My Money:

So if you are reading these words and you want to enter this space of freedom I invite you to play with me.
For every detail that you’ll share with me of what freedom is for you I’ll share with you another one of mine.

So here it is:
That I can have a few hours in any given day to do what I want to do, like Yoga, taking a walk/hike, meditating and playing with my cats.

Now it’s your turn. Just comment your post below, if you have an interesting link to share please do so.

TO YOUR FREEDOM. paper-people-arround-the-globe


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