What You Must Know When The Change You Desire Is Not Happening

This week, I launched an online program that was brewing within me for a long time. The program is called 5 Weeks To Emotional Well-Being. If you would like to be notified when I’ll be offering this program again, please Click Here.

One of the things I shared with the group was something that I learned in my decade of searching for my life partner.

It was a very challenging decade for me. I was struggling financially; I transitioned from being an employee with a steady income to self-employment which was eating into my savings. I had tons of blind dates which ended with stomach aches, headaches, my being alone again, and disappointment.  It was so darn difficult.

There was ONE THING I learned that was THE TURNING POINT. It was the liberation point for me. And when I took that realization to heart, at that very moment, I placed myself on the right track to both finding my future husband and to enjoying more financial ease in my life.

There Is Always One Key That Is The Master Key That Will Open Up The Golden Path For You.

master key

That one thing was that I am the common denominator. I’m the one who is at every blind date that doesn’t lead anywhere. I’m the one who attracts the people who I date (even once). I am the one who develops stomach aches; I am the one who somehow brings it upon herself to experience headaches. I’m the one who is responsible for my finances, no one else.

It is really easy to blame our family, our upbringing, our environment, our resources, our skills or lack of them, the economy, the first boyfriend, or even our self.

The thing is, blaming someone else or spending time in beating ourselves up will not lead anywhere.

So when that realization hit me in the way that I needed it to, I started to look more inside me than outside of me. Not in a blaming way, but in a way that would help me to see how I brought these experiences on myself and how I could stop repeating the same old same result and bring about a positive change in my life.


Change Does Not Happen Over Night. Change Is A Process.

And the results have followed. I eventually found a wonderful man who became my husband. I got out of debt and today, I have no debt. I do what I love for a career and I am making a difference, and much more.

The bottom line is, that I live my life knowing that I and no one else is leading it. I am the queen of my kingdom and the power to change what I desire to change is all in my own hands.

Wishing you many blessings and much love and may you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.

Sigal Zoldan 
Founder of Infinite Realities International- Holistic Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Results Coach & Forensic Healer

Sigal incorporating these modalities in her practice:
Foot & Handwriting Analysis, The Grinberg Method, Past Life Regression, Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Neurological Repatterning, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Forensic Healing and more. To learn more about Sigal and her work visit

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What You Must Know When The Change You Desire Is Not Happening — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for your comment Nicola. Yes, it is a learning process, and once we are waekening to that personal responsibility, it only gets better, we are happier and we live in our power. That’s where we can really lead ourselves into the life we deserv to live.

  2. Excellent blog, I think too many people look to outside sources to blame all the time.  We are being bombarded with this blame culture all the time.  It is only when we realise that actually the only person who needs to take responsibility is ourselves, things fall into place far more easily.  Notice I said responsibility and not blame there?  It is a learning process for me, I still have moments when I think I am to blame.  Then it may take a few minutes, a few hours, sometimes still a few days before I change the thinking and remove the blame.  Xxxx

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