Your Freedom From Pain Has Nothing To Do With Money

And if you think it does, then this article is definitely for you.

I bet you’ve heard this one over and over again.

"…but I can't afford it,"

"I don't have the money (or time),"

"I don't see a way."

If you have ever thought or spoken one of these sentences, then whether you are realizing or not, YOU ARE shooting yourself in the foot.

If you truly wish for certain things in your life
to get better, whether it’s your health,
your wealth, your love life, or career life,
then here is the bare truth:


It has nothing to do with money, although so many of us think it does.

Most of us do that all the time without even realizing it.

Can I give you my very best suggestion? It’s free. 🙂 

CATCH YOURSELF when you think it or say it and then STOP, even if you are in a middle of a thought or actually speaking it out loud.

What can you do instead?

You may think/say things like:

“I choose to invest my money somewhere else right now,”

“I prefer to put my time and resources into _____,”

“I know there must be a way for me to do this and I’m open for it to be revealed to me.”

You think you will not be speaking the truth?

It is the absolute truth!! If your life would depend on it and someone would ask you to get $10,000 or a $100,000 to find a way to pay them so you can save either yours or your loved one’s life, you would find a way to do it. But when things are not so pressing, we tend to buy into our own excuses and play small, thinking we do not have the money to get what we want.

Do you think you know how to recognize a good opportunity to free yourself from pain when it is right in front of you?

Many times, I offer free or very low cost to people who have expressed interest in my services. But because they are too preoccupied with seeking and looking for answers, they are not allowing the missed opportunities (miss=don’t see). Those that are open to receive, are so allowing, that the moment I do something special, they are right on it and they move closer to achieve what they desire.

They say that healing comes to those who ask and if you have learned a thing or two about the law of attraction, then you know by now, that the law is just asking what is important, that’s the first step. There are two more steps. The second one is allowing and the third one is receiving.

So if you ask for something to be resolved in your life, let’s say that you have a health issue that you were not yet able to resolve, but you know and believe that there is a way for you to resolve it. So you are ask for a solution, an answer, a person, a remedy, a book, a movie, whatever, right? You ask to free yourself of that issue. Great!! Nice job on the first part.

The 3 golden steps to achieving what we want:
Asking * Allowing * Receiving


So now you are reading books, attending lectures, downloading an audio online, and so forth. You are starting to become aware that solutions might be just in front of the tip of your nose. Now let’s see how well you are allowing it. Are you just learning about the solutions or are you allowing the solutions in? Are you allowing them to actually help and support you?

Ah…it costs money. A lot of money and your insurance is not covering it. You have to pay out of pocket. So then you say – nope, if insurance is not covering it then I’m going elsewhere to look for something cheaper or more affordable.

Now, once again, you are back to square one – asking. This cycle can go on and on for years. You never allow and you never receive and meanwhile, you are in physical and emotional pain. What a shame, don’t you think?

And how do you know you are in this vicious cycle? Here it is:

  1. Listen to your thoughts and words you speak. If they are blocking you, that means you are blocking yourself. Like I mentioned in the beginning of the article, “I don’t have…,” “I can’t….”, “I don’t know how.”
  2. Refuse to think or speak that way! Start thinking in ways that will open your path, not close it, like, “How can I come up with the money?” or start affirming, “Thank you for sending me all the money I need for _____.”
  3. Take the next step to help yourself move forward. Simply ask, “What’s my next step?” Be silent (yep, learning to meditate will be the best gift you can give to yourself). So for example, you asked for someone/something to show up in your life to help you resolve your issue. Someone show up. You like how they work, you really want to work with them. You hear their fees, you would rather it cost less, but it doesn’t. Clarify to yourself, why you wish to get their help, make all the other excuses in the world besides the money excuse as it will blind you and you won’t be able to see the truth of what is really holding you back in taking the next step.

My personal story below will shed
more light for you on how I did it.

A few years ago, I was looking for a coach that would help me get to my next level. I met a woman and I was seriously contemplating working with her. On the surface, I felt that she may be the right one for me, but I had some doubts. She did request high dollars and I had no clue where I was going to get the money to pay her, but I decided that I would figure that one out.

So I thought long and hard and decided to go for it. As I was sitting together with my husband, we looked at where we were financially and suddenly the picture became clearer and we could see a way for me to pay for her services.

But something still felt a little bit off. So I turned to the higher world by going within. By clearing my thoughts and letting go of all the decisions, the blocks, the not knowing. I simply breathed in and out for about 20 minutes. Just made some room for new thoughts to take place and bring with them a solution.

I realized that I was scared to take the next step. Scared, because I was afraid as I’d put this big chunk of money down. It wasn’t so much about that lady’s services, whether she had what it takes to take me where I wanted to go, it was more about whether I had it and was I ready. And if I had my doubts, I’m more likely going to bring my doubts into the process with her and I absolutely did not want to enter this coaching journey with these kinds of doubts.

So I realized that it wasn’t about money, after all, I had figured out a way to pay for this coaching package. And I’m glad I was able to separate between the money aspect of it and the rest.

Most people don’t do that. They ask how much something costs and if it is a stretch for them, they conclude with, “That’s too much,” “We can’t afford it,” or “What? How much? ….,” or something along that line.

I was actually happy for the coach that was charging the amount that she was, good for her, if that’s how she valued herself, that’s awesome.

So what was I to do with those doubts? I went again into a short silence, within, breathed, and got clarity. I knew that was exactly what stood in my way, my own doubts, which were not even my own. Maybe it started somewhere as a child, probably even before I came into this world. Growing up, no one really believed in me. I had to carve my own path with a machete, to connect to that part WITHIN MYSELF that believed in me. It took years to shed off the conditioning layers and that experience was another opportunity to let it go, let the lack of belief in myself, or the doubts that something that I wanted to work, would work.

And with that decision, I contacted the lady coach and said, “I’m ready; can you please send me the contract so I can go over it and be aware of what is required?” 

Her response was that she would send the contract after I paid her and that totally lit a very, big, red, light bulb in my head.

What? First, I purchase the deal and only later I’ll learn the terms? It was absolutely ridiculous to me and that indicated that even though she may know a lot and she may guide others to success, she just killed the deal. That is not the right way to do business and I do business with honesty and integrity where both sides are choosing to enter the engagement and not forced or bound without knowing what to expect.

I got my lesson and I knew that the next person I’d attract, I’d know that I was entering the relationship by leaving my doubts outside the door and soon enough my next coach showed up. She did not have a contract at all, I was puzzled, but she trusted the universe…I did work with her for a year. That year my 21-Day From Pain To Freedom FB challenge was born (I run it now about twice a year. If you wish to join the next one click here), my 5 Weeks To Emotional Well-Being online program was born (just be sure you are on my list and you’ll be notified about the next one. Click here to join my list).

I’d love to read your comments. Please share with me how this article moved you.

You may apply for a complimentary consultation as soon as you are ready at

Wishing you many blessings and much love and may you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.




Sigal Zoldan 
Your Guide From Pain To Freedom.

Founder of Infinite Realities International –
Holistic Healing

Sigals' services include:
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