Affiliate Marketing – A Great Passive Income Stream

With everything that is going on currently in the world (and in general) I believe it is very very wise to put some time in creating streams of passive income. What I mean is, putting structures in place that are like the golden goose. You invest once your time (not necessarily your money, although you could and in many cases you should) and then you get paid over and over and over again.

Don’t get into this narrow mind of "But I don’t know how" to stop you. It is extremely simple and it is really under your nose. If you have a computer connection, you are already blogging, tweeting and posting that you can do it to. Maybe you are landing on my blog because you have been using positive affirmations for a while, or visualized, mediated and prayed to have more money and not another job, well you should recognized when the answers to your requests are showing up.

The stream of passive income that you can start immediately without any capitol and without too much time on your part is affiliate marketing. Yes it will take you a few minutes or a few hours (all depends how much knowledge you have at this point), but is is so worth it.

Someone who I really appreciate is Mike Klingler. This guy has put together video tutorials that guide you through each and every step of how to put together your marketing funnel. So when you want to promote your affiliate links, you do it right, and you make money out of it.

In this free video (worth every minute of your time if you are trying to create a stream of income through the internet) Mike shares how to plan so all the variables of your business (and a passive income structure of affiliate marketing can be that other business) will fall into place. Mike says that if you have a clear plan like the one that he is showing you, you will succeed. Take a look at this video ASAP. I don’t long how long he is planning to keep this video up here for free like that. Here it is again just click here.

Enjoy you multiple streams of passive income. 🙂

PS: I suggest you use Internet Explorer, sometimes FireFox is not bringing up the page (in case you have too many protections, it happen to me, even though I knew the source).


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