What Causes Allergies? This Is What I Have Done To Say Goodbye To Mine

In 2010, when I experienced a severe allergic reaction on my face (hives, swelling, itchiness and redness around my eyes) I knew that in order to heal myself completely and not depend on any kind of allergy medication or live in fear that something would again trigger this reaction, I realized that I needed to dig deep and find the real cause of this so unpleasant and debilitating reaction.

For someone like me who considered herself a pretty healthy person, allergies were something that other people had, not me. This “attack” came as a big surprise and was devastating. I did not have a life. The reaction would burst and would run its cycle for 6 days; then I’d get a break for 2-3 days and then it would start again. I couldn't show myself in public; it was really embarrassing and also painful. I didn’t have patience for anyone – it was horrible.


For 6 months I worked with my holistic chiropractor who helped me tremendously to get this thing under control. The underlying cause that he identified was Candida. So I got on the no-sugar, no-carb diet (I’m very familiar with it), and he put me on stronger supplements. saw him once a week to get the treatment that combined sound waves, energy work and N.A.E.T all aiming to bring my body back to balance. I had to avoid tomatoes and peppers and, worst of all, I had to leave my home for a while because I developed an allergy to my cats. Can you imagine?

Mowgli, is the black one and Cypress is the white one.

I was determined to resolve this!! I was on the diet for five months, got a little help from conventional medicine for a few weeks with Claritin (which messed up my cycle), then switched to Zyrtec because I’d heard it doesn’t mess up the cycle so much, but I actually took only 5 pills of this, getting off of it all after a month.
I was a happy camper. I thought I beat it and was healed. I was good for about two months, when one evening it all started again. I was back on the suffering track and I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Conventional medicine does not have clear answers with allergies. I didn’t want to become someone who was afraid of life, who didn’t know when and where the next attack is going to come from, someone who depended on a little pill and must have it at all times, just in case. Or someone who needed to carry a syringe in her purse, again…just in case. I refused to surrender and I refused to fight. I wanted peace and healing.

So I was back at my doctor’s, puzzled, confused and with lots of questions. As I was lying down there I was thinking about the one-day healing workshop I had taken over the weekend, about to make the right connections in my brain. When my doctor entered the room I said: “Rob, what’s going on?” and all I can remember from his answer was: “The DNA is not responding the same, but we have answers…” I don’t know what else he said because at the moment I heard that the DNA is not responding the same, I went into this trance, back to the experience I had on the weekend with my healing workshop, where I remember a conversation about healing the DNA and it hit me! This is it, this is my answer!! It’s this healing that will help me!! And I need to take responsibility for my own healing. The answer is under my nose. I am not going to try new combinations of supplements because as long as I am not getting to the bottom of this, the supplements are not going to do the job, they may help a little but they won’t prevent the allergy from showing up again. I need to find out where all this originating.

Within a few days, I was enrolled in the full healing training. The money showed up, the time became available and I became a forensic healer. The first thing was to help myself, and –  since it is so good  – I must also use this tool to help others, don’t you think?



   In the picture, Marisa Russo and me are
   working together in the Forensic Healing
   Booth At The Conscious Life Expo in
   Los Angeles, Oct. 2011

* * * * *
True Healing Takes Place In
The Level of Our DNA

* * * * *

As I was undergoing “my own investigation” with the forensics, I discovered the emotion that I was experiencing over and over again that triggered the whole thing. So it wasn’t really the tomatoes or peppers or my cats, it was a specific emotion.
You see, there was an emotional pattern that triggered the allergic reaction. Once I discovered what it was, I was able to heal it, take the control back and be free of the reaction. I wasn’t shooting in the dark anymore

I knew that I had to bring my DNA into balance and health, or else…well I don’t even want to focus on the negative side of it. You would not believe what kind of things were surfacing up from my subconscious mind through this process. I could never discover it without a thorough investigation like the forensic healing offered. The premise of forensic healing is that every experience that we have been through, that our ancestors
have gone through and that our soul has gone through in other life times, is stored in our DNA. Many times that information is dormant, until…something triggers it to awaken. When it does awaken, the pattern runs its course and produces a symptom.

It can be
a physical symptom, like: allergy, back ache,
candida, migraines, heart-burn, difficulty sleeping, rash,
fatigue, any physical pain (back, neck, stomach), infertility, constipation,  lack of energy, etc.                           


It can be an
emotional symptom, like: anxiety, overwhelm, stress, moodiness, impatience, edginess,  loneliness, boredom, lack of motivation, sadness, depression, etc.


It can be simply
feeling stuck in
different areas in life: relationship (or lack of relationship), financial, career, self-esteem, confidence, feeling like you can’t move forward, that you are disconnected for others, that you do not really belong, or that you do not have luck.

The symptom is trying  to show us the way. If we try to get rid of the symptom without understanding and healing the source of it, not only might it come back, it might come back in a way that will cause more suffering then we started with.
I am sure you are familiar with this feeling of having a problem and not knowing where to turn. It certainly can make you feel hopeless, powerless and helpless. But when you educate yourself, when are open and willing to explore, there is a good chance that your prayers will be answered. 
Today, looking back at my experience I know that had I not had this reaction, I would probably not have acquired the knowledge, experience and profound healing that I got with Forensic Healing. You see, there would not be any pain that would make me want it, force me to  invest my time, money and energy into becoming a forensic healer and help others to get the healing that they might not get somewhere else.

I am truly grateful to my teacher, Marisa Russo for breaking through her suffering, abuse and struggle and becoming who she is today.

* * * * *
There Is No Need To Suffer!!
You Can Take Responsibility
For Your Own Healing.

* * * * *
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I would love to read your comments, tell me how you liked this post, tell me what you are planning to do with this information, ask questions and come back to share what have opened up for you.

Meanwhile, many blessings to you and may you experience freedom, health, prosperity, happiness and love, every day you are living on this earth.
Much Love,

Sigal Zoldan
Founder of Infinite Realities International- Holistic Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Results Coach
& Forensic Healer

Sigal incorporating these modalities in her practice: Foot & Handwriting Analysis, The Grinberg Method, Past Life Regression, Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Neurological Repatterning, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Forensic Healing and more. To learn more about Sigal and her work visit www.sigalzoldan.com

DISCLAIMER: This blog and it's content does not purport to offer any medical, psychological, therapeutic, religious, or other professional advice to users. The purpose of IRI programs, audios and diagnostic tools is for Vocational or Avocational Self-improvement. Participants are responsible for their own actions and results. Information provided within this program is of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace "traditional" mental health counseling/therapy services. If you have questions or concerns about your physical and/or mental health, please contact your family physician and/or licensed mental health professional in your area.


What Causes Allergies? This Is What I Have Done To Say Goodbye To Mine — 22 Comments

  1. Thanks Avital. I am glad you enjoyed it.
    I’ll see you soon 🙂
    Hugs, especially to Noya…

  2. Great article Sigal, very inspirational. Forensic Healing is without a doubt going to be the leading healing modality of the future. Sharon

  3. Thanks for stopping by Kristy, I appreciate your comment. I am so excited to hear what the power of Forensic Healing has done for you. Now you will be helping others in their healing journeys as well.

    Many blessings my friend, keep up the light work 🙂

  4. Fantastic article Sigal. I have just completed the Forensic Healing course and have been getting amazing results! It has helped my back pain after having a disc fusion and chronic pain for over 10 years. I has also helped others I have treated with anxiety, stress and muscle tension. Your article is clear in explaining what Forensic Healing does and I hope many people get to read this and find out there are options out there to help live a healthier and happier life. Bless you x

  5. Although sometimes it is necessary to visit the doctor, I agree, it’s is great that healing can occur in natural ways. After all, it’s the body’s wisdom that is doing the magic.

    Thanks for stopping by Elena.

  6. I recently had several sessions with Sigal and it's amazing how quickly I felt a difference.  Forensic healing really works.  I leave her feeling lighter and better. It's good to know that the body and mind can be healed without the need of pills and constant visits to the doctor. 

  7. Hey Audrey,
    I agree, it is a very powerful connection. And I would like to add to the word “mind” the “subconscious mind”. There is so much that is hidden from us there that only when we are ready it can come out to the surface and heal us first energetically and the rest will likely to follow.
    You were so ready and I am confident that as time goes by you will find more release and true healing on all levels.

    Peace, blessing and joy to you,

  8. Hey Renata,
    Thanks for visiting. It is amazing how finding the energetic source of an issue allows the issue to fly out through the window. I am so glad it has made such a difference in your life. It is so wonderful to be free of “stuff” physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, isn’t it?

    Hugs and blessing to you my friend.

  9. Thanks for your comment Jen. You know, today, when I meet people that say: “I have x, and y disease” and I am sitting there and enjoying eating my tomatoes, I am so grateful for forensic healing. I didn’t want to become that person that would have to deal with a certain disease. I wanted to find the core and heal that on the deepest level as possible. Detoxifying, aligning the DNA, chakra cleansing, karma clearing, and many more other tools are helping us to get back the balance that can make our lives purely amazing.

    Much love.

  10. Before I started working with Sigal, I did not fully understand the mind-body connection.  After my first session experiencing forensic healing, I began to understand the true stength of the mind-body connection.  I was experiencing a number of physical and emotional symptoms which resulted in me feeling stuck.  I know understand the root cause and am working on healing those issues.  Without this awareness, I am certain I would continue to stay in that stuck pattern.

  11. Before I met Sigal, I had an exzema looking  spot under my eye. I shared my frastration with her and deside to try forensic healing session. We  had few sessions of forensic healing where she discovered why I had a reaction. Shortly after my problem was gone. Sigal is very good at listening and eliminating the problem where I was feeling that it will never go away. I recommend everyone to try it out.

  12. Allergies are caused by so many things, trans fats, candida, leaky gut syndrome; but one thing they have in common is that they are usually really hard to heal.  Getting to the root cause of the matter is always the best remedy! That's why I believe in detoxing, and there is no better "root" than healing your DNA! Good for you, Sigal…
    Jennifer Shumaker, biochemist w Jentox

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