You Write Great Blog Posts But Not Enough People Get To See It?…

I know what you mean. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get my SEO (search engine optimization) going. So I set an intention to attract the right vehicle and the right people that will teach me how to do that.

In Nov.2009 I got an email from my good friend Terri Stallcop recommending me to check out this brilliant idea that will help me with my goal. I took a quick look at the video and after less than two minutes I got hooked with the idea! Since it was before the holidays, I saved that email and made a note to myself to take a look at it when I come back home to CA from visiting my in-laws in VA.

And so I did. On the first week of January I set the time and pulled back up the email that Terri sent me. I took a close look at the video tutorials and listened to the audios and just saturated myself with the information that I got more and more exited about.

And then I took action and decide to enroll to one of the brilliant ideas that are out there at this point in time in terms of SEO, syndications and bookmarking. If the words I just mentioned are a bit foreign to you then no worries.Here is what it means in simple language:

If you have a blog, or you want to have a blog then you are probably very interested in having other people reading it (the more the merrier, right?) but you don’t know how to bring this blog in front of more and more people.

So SEO, syndications and bookmarking are the internet vehicles that will help you to bring your blog in front of many other people. The beauty is, that this system that I am talking about will actually do those three tasks for you AUTOMATICALLY!! without you needing to manually distribute your blog in different sites.

In simple words this revolutionary tool called SYNND, makes it possible for me to outsource my marketing to 800+ people worldwide in Less than 2 minutes! Cool, isn’t it?

I figured that I will never be able to compete with that. And I admit, I had my ups and downs with SYNND (like with every relationship ha…ha…). There were weeks that I was not working the system therefore the system was not working for me (like everything else in life…) but it was amazing to check google analytics on weeks that I did press a couple of buttons.

Here are two snapshots of my goggle analytics from a week that I posted a campaign that ran throughout the world:

In the snapshot below you can see that the visits to my blog jumped to 21 hits/visits for that day.The blue portion of the pie refers to people who came to my blog through Referring Sites (the 65%). I was not the one who brought them to the site, SYNND did.

And in the snapshot below (which is very similar to the one above), again, 21 hits/visits in one day, that is better than zero, 2, or 3 hits/visits a day. And again, I didn’t do it SYNND did.


So I am learning that when I put SYNND into work, my blog gets traffic. I am planning to be more consistent so each day I’ll get 21 hits/visits or more.

21 hits a day over a period of time means:
In a week that is      –  (21×7) 147 hits/visits.
In a month that is    –  (21×30) 630 hits/visits.
In 3 months that is  –  (21×90) 1890 hits/visits.
In a year that is       –  (21×365) 7665 hits/visits.

Can you imagine what this kind of machine can do to your blog (business/sales/marketing)?

I wanted to share that with you because I am very excited about this discovery. It’s like compound interest. That is the power of SYNND!

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You Write Great Blog Posts But Not Enough People Get To See It?… — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Sigal~
    Thank you for sharing this great information!

    I am always looking for ways to automate and leverage time. This looks like a great way to do just that! It is just not possible for most people to go out and manually do what SYNND is doing for you and your business!

    Much Success-
    Laurie Lock

  2. Eiji,

    Thanks for the comment, what you are saying in so much to the point. I agree with every word! As coaches, sometime seeing where entrepreneurs and business owners get themselves stuck is so clear. I think it is essential to be able to focus and get the clarity of which activities are not high income generating activities and to outsources them like with SYNND and other ways that helps us putting our time, like you said into what’s important in life. Thanks for adding your input.


  3. Great post Sigal!

    Syndication with SEO has been my top two sources of traffic on my blog.

    To have an automated software to do that for you is amazing.

    I believe that’s where most entrepreneurs get themselves stuck in activities that are not high income generating activities.

    In my coaching practice, the top 2 income generating activities are 1) Get Clients 2) Give Clients Coaching.

    Outsourcing our low income generating activities is a must if we want to have time for what’s important in life.


  4. Sigal,
    Thanks for sharing SYNND! What a powerful tool that we can use to leverage our time, yet still market our business effectively!
    To your success,
    Dr. Laura

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